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The Health Benefits of Yoga Retreats When Traveling Abroad

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / The Health Benefits of Yoga Retreats When Traveling Abroad

The Health Benefits of Yoga Retreats When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be quite the exciting prospect – after all, you’re finally taking a break from all the stresses of your life back at home, at work, or at school, and you can at least get a breather for yourself in another country and another culture. Unfortunately, not all moments of traveling abroad can be fun – as sometimes, even planning the travel alone can be quite the stressful endeavor. But what if there’s a way to make your travels abroad much more relaxing, enjoyable, and fulfilling? You may want to try yoga retreats, as the health benefits of yoga retreats when traveling abroad can be quite the attractive prospect – especially if you have limited days’ worth of leaves available for you.

Yoga And The Numbers: Is Yoga Really That Popular?


If you feel as though yoga is just a “fad,” however, you may be wrong – a lot of people actually love doing yoga, and people spend a lot to make sure their practice is perfect for them. For instance, people in the United States spend as much as $27-billion on yoga products, with 20.4-million practicing yoga in the United States alone as of 2012. This means you’re not exactly alone when it comes to doing yoga, as there are a ton of services available for you to avail. In fact, in terms of yoga retreats, there are numerous services waiting for you to try them out. If you want to switch up your fitness and travel game, perhaps a yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali – among other countries – can be suitable options for you.

The Health Benefits Of Yoga Retreats: Transform Your Travels Abroad

If you’re planning on undertaking a yoga retreat but you still have your doubts, you may want to read about these health benefits. Try to assess these various prospective benefits you can reap when you do yoga with others in a nurturing environment:

Try out wellness travel for yourself

Perhaps one of the healthiest benefits of yoga retreats lies not in its way it changes the physical body, but in how it can pack so much punch in a single trip. Yoga retreats fall under a trendy classification of traveling called wellness travel, wherein the entire journey focuses on developing and encouraging the traveler to pursuit wellness. Being in a yoga retreat can get your traveling to the next level, and can make your breaks all the more worthwhile.

  • Yoga retreats give you the opportunity to be less stressed while planning your entire trip. Traveling in itself is fun, but just “going” to a place without any plan can be stressful and confusing, as you have to plan all parts of your trip from scratch – which ruins the point of traveling for relaxation in the first place. Yoga retreats are organized and planned properly, which means you almost always just need to choose the kind of yoga retreat that you’re most comfortable with, and all you need to do is secure your tickets and your schedule.
  • Yoga retreats give you the opportunity to plan for your wellness much better. While there’s a specific set of tips for that below, yoga retreats can give you the gentle push you need to be more mindful of your health through the activities that go with the program in itself.
  • Yoga retreats, in general, can help push you to a mindset where you’re more mindful of your health – both physically and spiritually. They build upon the foundation that yoga isn’t just a means of meditation or being fit, but rather something that’s designed to help you achieve wholeness.

Finally, focus on your own relaxation

Like with what’s said above, perhaps the best health benefit of yoga is that, unlike other methods of relaxation, meditation, and fitness, yoga encompasses all three instead of doing them individually. Yoga can hit all the spots in your physical, mental, and spiritual health – and attending a yoga retreat can finally put you in the position where you’re finally being able to focus on yourself and your health.

  • Planning a trip is exhausting, and sometimes we just push ourselves to believe that once we get the trip planned, it’s relaxing from there – often forgetting that the process of traveling and fixing everything between breaks can be exhausting. A yoga retreat can help you become relaxed in all aspects of your trip.
  • Unlike other travels, yoga retreats are designed to help you relax and take a break. As such the environment itself encourages you to take a breather and take a break from life – whether you like it or not, this retreat will eventually make you understand how important your relaxation is to your overall health.

Explore better methods of fitness, meditation


Yoga retreats can greatly help you develop a better mindset when it comes to fitness and meditation.  Their yoga stations can help you meditate, and the gym can help you work out, but sometimes there are days when your schedule or your body just doesn’t feel like doing anything. Yoga retreats are designed to help you overcome this by training both your mind and body to enjoy these activities – and this kind of holistic health yoga retreats provide can be attractive.

  • Yoga retreat activities revolve around doing various techniques of yoga, stretching, and meditation – some of which you may have never encountered before. Understanding how these poses work can inspire you to incorporate this into your daily routine.
  • A lot of yoga retreats already pay for your lodging and food, which means you can try out healthier options for sleeping, resting, and even eating. When you get to learn recipes for some of these meals, you can even start transforming your physical body with a new diet.
  • Not all yoga retreats focus on yoga alone, as some activities are designed to unlock that part of your body and mind that becomes more susceptible to relaxation and rest. This is helpful if you find it hard to give yourself a break or been finding it hard to relax and sleep during stress.

Tackle life’s problems, challenges in more creative, directed ways


Another healthy benefit of yoga is mental and emotional, as it helps you find a safe space where you can meditate and reflect on life’s problems without the burden of your life crushing your shoulders. Yoga retreats offer an opportunity for you to unplug and make an assessment of your situation without compromising anything.

  • Yoga retreats offer you a chance to literally retreat from the stresses of daily life and find yourself in an environment where you can just breathe and enjoy the scenery. This kind of clarity can help provide ample space for your head for you to check in with yourself and your aspirations much more clearly.
  • Yoga retreats offer you a sense of control, purpose, and direction, as activities are designed to help you discover that you can actually do things you didn’t think you could. This kind of mindset is helpful when it comes to solving life’s problems you think can be extremely overwhelming to bear.
  • You can finally get a chance to meditate on your problems and concerns in a place you can consider safe. There’s no work to cut your concentration, no toxic social media, and no presence of people who constantly bombard you with opinions. It’s you and your own take on your problems.

Get to become a part of a community

Yoga retreats offer you the opportunity to become a part of a community of individuals that are all searching for positivity, which can greatly help build confidence and an aura of positivity that the real world isn’t always able to offer. Not only do yoga retreats offer a sense of security and personal space, but they make you feel like you’re part of something.

  • If you feel as though you’re alone in your problems, yoga retreats are specifically designed to make you realize you’re not alone. Yoga retreats can help you meet other individuals you can converse with and have truthful conversations with.
  • The positive atmosphere yoga retreats offer can become great ways for you to open up about your concerns and get helpful input from other individuals undergoing the same problems.


A Yoga Retreat For The Perfect Travelling Abroad Journey

The above has shared that the health benefits of yoga retreats when traveling abroad can be good not just for your body, but for your mind as well. Despite traveling is such a fun activity, planning and coordinating what you would do can be a bother. However, yoga retreats – with their focus on achieving optimal relaxation and meditation – can be the perfect break you need in order to get in tune with your physical and mental health. If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your fitness or your mental health focus, perhaps yoga while traveling can be the perfect activity for you.


David Patel


David Patel is an avid yoga practitioner and fitness enthusiast which, combined with his passion for writing, allowed him to write his own unique take on the health and medical niche. As a contributor to sites such as Blooming Lotus Yoga, David ensures his readers get a healthy dose of informative, entertaining, and enjoyable writing whenever he posts his pieces. Aside from yoga, David also loves cooking during his free time.


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