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10 Reasons People Choose to Change Career Path

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / 10 Reasons People Choose to Change Career Path

10 Reasons People Choose to Change Career Path

If you’re not happy in your current job or don’t feel challenged, then dragging yourself out of bed every morning and going into work can be very tough. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 25 or 55; a change of career could be just what you need to kick start your motivation and start enjoying work again.

With the average American spending 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, it’s worth finding a job you’re going to enjoy doing. However, if you are one of the 87% of American workers who don’t have a passion for their job, you’re not alone. Here are 10 reasons people choose to change a career path for the better.

Different Careers Offer Better Pay Opportunities

Of course, money isn’t everything, and you should never take a job just for the money on offer, but it could be the case that a move upwards or even sideways will give you the chance to move into a higher pay bracket.

According to data for the 2015 US Census, the median average household income for an American family was $56,516. For someone aged 20 to 24 years, the average salary was $27,300 per year compared to someone aged 45 to 54 years where it was $50,700 per year. This varies by job and by gender, so it’s advisable to take a look at specific industry figures and positions.

Getting a Promotion Feels Impossible

If you’re stuck in a smaller company where there aren’t any opportunities for promotion, it can feel like you’re just stuck running in circles with no chance of moving forward. Family businesses and smaller independent companies can often fall into this category where the only way to get a promotion is if someone leaves.

It’s not just small companies that can have this problem though. There can be limited room for maneuver in some large organizations too. Flat hierarchies or bad management can mean that the same people always seem to get offered the positions and nobody else gets an opportunity which can be very de-motivating.

Retraining has Become Easier Than Ever

Thanks to online learning, almost any course can be studied online, anything from healthcare MSN MBA programs right through to a BSC in engineering and a business MBA. If you want to move into a new career at management level or above, it’s likely to require retraining of some kind and possibly even gaining some experience. You may already even have transferable skills that are valued highly in another industry such as computer skills or people management.

They’ve Stopped Enjoying Their Current Job

There can be several different reasons people stop enjoying their current job, especially if they have been there for a long time. Some of the most common catalysts for people include, friends or favorite co-works leaving for other companies, a change in management or simply that they have been doing the same job for several years and it’s become repetitive and boring.

The Career They Have Now Wasn’t Their Choice

For many people, the reason they’re not enjoying their career and want a move is because they didn’t choose that career path in the first place, or at least didn’t expect to be still doing the same job! Trying to decide on a career straight out of high school or college can be really tricky, and many people still aren’t sure what they want to do. Many choose jobs they think they will like or take a position to earn some money to pay the bills. After a few years, they have had time to think about what it is they want to do and begin moving towards a new career path.

People’s Lifestyle Commitments Have Changed

Moving home and having children can both have a big impact on your career. For people working at large organizations who have offices in different states, there could be an opportunity to relocate to a different office. For many, though, moving away from a town or city means finding a new career at a new company. Similarly, if you have children, then it may be the right time for one or both parents to move into part-time work to manage childcare responsibilities.

They Have Changed Jobs But are Still Unhappy

When people are unhappy in a job, they may just choose to go and do the same job for another company. This can often be a good solution to the problem if they enjoy the job they are currently doing. Where it doesn’t help though is if they are doing the same job but still not enjoying it. That may suggest it’s the job role and not the company, which is a good sign that a new career in something different could be the answer to happier work life.

The Boss They Work For is a Nightmare

Unfortunately, having a bad boss is still a reason that many people cannot stand their job and feel the need to move elsewhere. Going through the right HR procedures might help, but it could also make things worse, so it’s best to judge what the best course of action is for your own personal situation. There are laws on harassment and discrimination set out to help protect employers and employees.

The Company They Work For is About to Go Under

It’s not one of the most common reasons, but it is one that effectively forces people to think about the next step in their career. Unfortunately, companies do close down, and sometimes it’s not anybody’s fault. The negative impact is that many people lose their jobs and have to start over. Being engaged with your company and getting insights into performance might help you to jump before the ship goes under if it ever comes to it.

Sometimes It’s Just Time for Something New

Finally, some people just want a change. A new challenge, a change of scenery, a chance to meet new people. A career move may not be performance-related at all; it may just be that you’re ready for something a bit more relaxed or you want to return to a job you did in your early career. Whatever your reasons for a career move, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and that it will ultimately make you enjoy your time at work.

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