Does Castor Oil Work for Increasing Eyebrow Growth?

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Does Castor Oil Work for Increasing Eyebrow Growth?

Eyebrow fashion is continuously evolving, with every decade having a signature eyebrow look from curved in the ’30s to pencil thin in the ’90s, the variations are endless. In modern time, thick bushy brows are the new black, occurring right after the trend of pencil-thin brows, it is an opportunity for the beauty industry to capitalize on products that reverse the damage of constant plucking.

A versatile range of products that contain castor oil has emerged in the market that claim to thicken and increase hair growth in the eyebrow area. However, not much is understood regarding the mechanism by which the products mentioned above function and whether they truly work for the purpose they are designed for. Below we’ll thoroughly discuss whether the serums and the oils do reverse hair loss in eyebrows and the alternative treatments.

Can oils and serums increase hair growth?

The world is fascinated by the properties of castor oil in hair repair and growth. Many of the current products on the market include this nearly magical ingredient. While the before and after pictures can be utterly deceiving, the truth could not be further from that.

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that increases blood circulation in the area, which in turn leads to the increased nourishment of follicular units. A New York-based dermatologist, Dr. Day states that “There is no scientific or published evidence regarding castor oil and hair growth,” In addition, the doctor goes on to mention that the increased blood flow could result in irritation around the target area. “Castor oil contains a high percentage of ricinoleic acid, which is an omega-9 essential fatty acid. This can help as an anti-inflammatory and improve circulation, which may help with hair growth,”

Hair growth is never filtered down to a matter of blood circulation. Multiple factors come into the equation, such as genetics, nutrition, and environment. While it’s within your hands to control your diet and possibly your environment, the factor of genetics remains irreversible.

In short, castor oil does not promote eyebrow growth.

Alternative treatments

While serums and oils maybe not up to snuff, your case is not hopeless. Eyebrow transplants, on the other hand, are the ideal alternative. The results of the procedure are scar-free, natural, and most importantly, permanent. In addition, the patient can achieve their desired look as the hair is implanted individually to meet the patient’s aesthetic goal.

The hair implanted is extracted from the back of the ear area since it matches the texture of eyebrow hair guaranteeing an immaculate blending.

In summary

While oils and serums may not be the ideal approach when looking for hair restoration solutions, it does not mean it’s a dead end. Procedures such as eyebrow transplants can defy genetic factors and give you the hair growth you desire. With a natural-looking finish that is scar-free and permanent. Moreover, the transplanted hair can be treated like the original hair where it can be trimmed, waxed, and threaded without halting growth in the area. For more information click here


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