Best Traditional Greek Foods & Wine You Have to Try in Corfu

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Best Traditional Greek Foods & Wine You Have to Try in Corfu

Corfu is an excellent location for backpackers. It is one of the most popular tourist attraction for Greece. This special place is located right at the Ionian island group in the countries western part.

This place is composed of white sand beaches, stunning mountains, rocking nightlife and luxurious Corfu villas. Corfu is always crowded during the summer seasons with young and enthusiastic travelers searching for parties. Along with that, you can also find some cool and calm places in this Corfu.

Now as you are showing enthusiasm to visit Corfu, you should never miss these traditional Greek food & wine in Corfu. Frankly, speaking the Corfu travel is incomplete without tasting the delicious and traditional Greek dishes and wine.

As you are new to the Corfu, you might be kicking yourself that what food to try in Corfu. Right?

If you are the, who is wondering what food to taste in Corfu? Then don’t worry, in this article, I will disclose all the traditional and unique Greek dishes you have to taste to experience the real spice of Corfu.

In Corfu, you can always feel the unusual smell of foods that make you try all the dishes. You can discover the exceptional Mediterranean cuisine in your surroundings as well.

The Greek traditional food is always the best food to eat in Corfu. The Corfu’s is famous for its traditional Greek cuisine as well. You can find all the traditional food and wine you have to try in Corfu in this article.

Let’s get into the article.

Best Traditional Greek Foods & Wine

In General, you can always find out lots of traditional Greek food items in Corfu. However, in this article, I have only used the popular items you have to try in Corfu. 

Greek Starters

People always love to have starters before having their food. Now if you are one of them who love having starters before food means you have to try these traditional Greek foods. In general, there are numerous dishes out there to try, but the traditional starters you have to try in Corfu is the “Melitzano Salada, Taramosalada and Tzatziki.” These are the creams made of the fresh eggplants, egg fish and Tzatziki. Along with these, you should also try the most famous Garlic and cucumber yogurt.

If you want to try sauce items means, you can try traditional Avgolemono. The sauce is used with meat and the soup with the eggs and lemon as the main ingredients.

All these above starters taste great. Now, if you want to taste different starter’s means, you can even try meatballs. Traditional Greek meatballs are specially made of potatoes, fish, courgettes, species and fresh meat.

Most people love to try Tyropithakia; it is a traditional Greek dish filled with plain feta cheese. If you like to pork means, you can enjoy eating traditional Corfu cuisine Numbulo and Burduni. These are mainly made with smoked pork fillet, and it can be found only in the Kerkyra Island.

Here the burduni dish always looks like a sausage and it is made up of pork blood, livers, spices, onions and small pieces of other vegetables. Although these are famous in Corfu, you can’t find them in every restaurant. You can only see them in a few traditional restaurants.



People often love to taste different salads. If you are the one who likes to eat traditional salads, then you can always order a fresh salad in the Corfu Restaurants. You can have your salad as the starter, or you can even eat them together with your main course as well.

The traditional and most famous salad in Corfu is Horiatiki. It is the famous Greek salad which is prepared with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, feta cheese, olive oil, and black olives,

This renowned salad can be found in almost all restaurants in Corfu. Along with these, you can also find some fresh salads that are prepared with vegetables, chicken, beans, and potatoes, etc.

meat dishes

Traditional Meat Dishes

Do you love to eat meat? Then taste the mouthwatering meat dishes in the Corfu. Generally, people in Corfu love eating a lot of meat. So, you can find immensely tasty meat dishes throughout the Corfu.

The famous meat dish in Corfu you shouldn’t miss on your trip is “Souvlakia” which means “Meat Sticks. Along with these, you can also try foods like stifado, Giouvetsi, and bifteki. This stifado is veal, which cooked with tomato sauce and onions. Whereas, Giouvetis is a Lamb dish which is prepared in a large pot of rice.

The other dish is Bifteki it is a meatball filled with the cheese and onions. Apart from these dishes, you can even try dishes like Moussakas and Papoutasakia as well.

Taste the Sofrito wine it is a prepared with wine sauce, white pepper, and garlic. Apart from that, you can choose Pastitsada. It is a dish that is having chicken meat cooked with fresh cinnamon, onions, wine, and different other species.


Fish Dishes

In the land of white sand beaches, you can find some awesomely cooked Plates of seafood. Corfu is well known for its traditional Greek fish dishes. If you love to eat fish means, you should never miss out eating fish dishes in Corfu.

This place is filled with the number of fresh fish dishes such as grilled fish, cooked fish and so on. The Best fish dish you have to try in the islands of Corfu is The Bourdeto. It is a famous fish soup, which is loved, by lots of people over there in Corfu. The items used in this spicy dish is red pepper, onions, salt, fish and olive oil.

Along with this, you can also try bianoco it is a different fish that is cooked with lemon juice, vinegar, wine, and garlic. If you want to try fried fish dishes means you have to try out the Savuri because it is a best-fried fish dish which is served with a garlic sauce, rosemary, raisin, and vinegar.

Local Feta Cheese

Greece is famous for its cheese production. In Corfu, you will find most of the people always using cheese in their all food dishes. If you want to taste this cheese means you can buy in any restaurant. The most common cheese in the Corfu is the feta cheese. This is specially prepared from the goat milk and with a spicy version.

You can also find Manuri cheese that is also made from goat milk. Apart from these, you can choose kefalotiri it is a cheese made from the spaghetti. If you want to try only traditional cheese means, you should be seeking the ladotiri and tirokafteri.

This tirokafteri is the soft cheese that is used to be smeared on the bread slices. The other one is the spicy cheese that is used quite often to get the unique taste in some dishes.

These are the “traditional foods you should try to taste” in your trip to Corfu. Along with these, you can try different wines as well. As the Corfu is filled with the active nightlife, you can find lots of refreshing drinks and parties to enjoy. This is all about the traditional food and wine you have to try in Corfu.

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