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5 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss

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5 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss

You cannot always prevent hearing loss but you can do some things to lower your chances of losing your hearing. If you are always around loud noises, there are some things that you can do to keep your hearing intact. Here are some tips for preventing hearing loss:

Listen to Music Carefully

If you have a habit of listening to music on your headphones, you might end up with a hearing loss. To avoid damaging your ears, you should turn the volume to a comfortable level but not any higher. Instead of turning up the volume to conceal outside noise, you should invest in noise-canceling headphones.

Avoid using your headphones for hours on end by taking breaks after every hour. Consider taking five-minute breaks after every hour. If your device has a feature that automatically limits the volume, you should make use of it. Even the tiniest reduction in volume can save your hearing.

Do you feel strange in your ears? According to an ENT specialist at the Southern California ear, nose and throat doctor. Doctors can monitor your hearing to figure out if it is worsening.

Take Precautions at Work

Does your work expose you to loud noises all the time? You should speak to the HR manager about a reduction in the noise levels. Your employer should be willing to:

  • Make sure that employees are not exposed to noises for hours at a time
  • Offer protection such as ear plugs
  • Switch to quieter machines when possible

Stay away from Loud Noise

To prevent noise-induced hearing loss, you should stay away from loud noises as much as possible. The best way to figure out if the noise is too loud is by following this guide:

  • It hurts your ears
  • You have to talk loudly to other people to hear you
  • Your ears are ringing afterward
  • You cannot tell what the people near you are saying or talking about

Noise is measured in decibels. Any sound that is higher than 85 decibels can be harmful to your hearing, especially if you are around it for a prolonged period. To figure out if a sound is too loud, you can use smartphone apps that measure noise. For an accurate reading, you have to make sure that the app is calibrated properly.

Undergo a Hearing Test

If you are worried about losing your hearing, you should undergo a hearing test. When hearing loss is detected early, it can be treated better, according to hearing aids Manchester, NH based experts. 

If possible, you should undergo a hearing test at least once per year. In addition, if you are exposed to loud noises a lot, you should undergo hearing tests more frequently. For instance, if you are a musician you should visit an ENT specialist often.

Protect Your Hearing in Loud Environments

When you attend a loud event or take part in a loud activity, you should protect your ears. For instance, you can take a break from the activity every fifteen minutes. Do not stay near the speakers if you want your ears to remain healthy. You should also consider wearing earplugs that lower the noise levels without muffling the music.

After exposing your ears to such loud noises, you need to give them an 18-hour break from the noise. This way, they will be able to recover fully.


Taking care of your ears should be a priority. Nowadays, we come across noise at home and work, making it harder to protect our ears. Regular hearing tests will come in handy.

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