10 Best Things About Having a Personal Water Filtration Bottle

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10 Best Things About Having a Personal Water Filtration Bottle

While exercising, traveling, or running errands, getting a fresh drink of water can sometimes be challenging or inconvenient. Stores or public water fountains are not always reliable. Fortunately, personal water filtration bottles can provide much-needed hydration and peace of mind. A personal water filtration bottle is a water bottle outfitted with a water filter. The following top 10 reasons for using a personal water filtration bottle will convince you to use one today.

Nix Nasty Chlorine Taste

Chlorine is a marvelous invention that sanitizes water, so it’s safer to drink. Unfortunately, chlorinated water tastes and smells awful. Thankfully, a water filtration bottle can remove chlorine so you can enjoy odor-free and flavorless water.

Fuel Your Body and Your Mind

While thoughts of vegetarian dinners and fruit for dessert may be the first items that come to mind when you consider a healthy diet, they are not number one for proper nutrition. Water is an essential nutrient. One can live for weeks without food, but the average person will die ten days or so after their last sip of water. Water can help you do more than survive. Consume enough of it and set your body up for optimal breathing, blood flow, and digestion. When you frequently drink from your water filtration bottle, you can also expect to feel more alert and energized.

Save Your Smile

Water has many dental health benefits. It’s wonderful for rinsing cavity-causing bacteria and sugar from your teeth when brushing is inconvenient. Water can also keep bad breath from making you into a social outcast. If you live in an area with fluoride-treated water, sipping tap water strengthens the enamel, or white surface, of teeth. Unfortunately, fluoride is frequently missing from bottled water. Enjoy tap water from a water filtration bottle and reap the benefits of fluoride one delicious sip at a time.

Whittle Your Waistline

When you quench your thirst with water, you avoid adding sugar, caffeine, and other additives to your diet. In addition to its dental benefits, a low-sugar diet can do wonders for your waistline. The average 12-ounce can of soda contains 138 calories and takes 35 minutes of brisk walking to burn off. Water doesn’t contain a single calorie. Moreover, if you’re hoping to fit into your best suit or most scandalous skinny jeans, avoiding caffeine and sodium can help you avoid dreaded bloating from water retention. Drink as much water as you desire from your filtration bottle to get or keep your sleek physique.

Keep Your Car Clean

Whether you’re on a road trip or just on your daily commute, you probably enjoy a beverage while on the run. It’s a sad fact of life that disposable fast food drink cups are flimsy and have lids that tend to fall off. Nothing is more irritating than a badly soaked shirt or pants at six in the morning. Nothing except, perhaps, having to scrub hardened, crystalized sugar from your steering wheel, gear shift, or dashboard. Sticking to water will keep the stickiness from your car and save the soaked look for the beach.

Save Money

Even if you stock up at the sale price, bottled water will typically cost at least 20-cents per bottle. Choose a value-priced soda, and you’ll be at least 99-cents poorer in most markets. Purchasing a fast food drink might not be enough to break the bank. Eventually, such small purchases add up. If that’s not enough to convince you to start exclusively using a personal water filtration bottle, then consider the cost using larger numbers. Would you pay 20 times more for your house, car, or other big-ticket purchase? Probably not. Then, stop wasting money on small items.

Lower Health Spending

When you choose to drink filtered water on-the-go, you’ll trim inches in every place but one. Your wallet will gain any fat you have lost. Drinking sweetened beverages will promote dental decay that requires costly dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, and possibly dental implants. Caffeine spikes blood pressure. Replacing caffeine with water can help you avoid dangerous consequences of high blood pressure such as strokes, kidney damage, and heart failure.

Enjoy Safer Travels

Montezuma’s revenge or traveler’s diarrhea can quickly turn your vacation paradise into prison. Unfortunately, drinking water contaminated with infectious protozoa and bacteria can lead to unexpected sickness within days. Thankfully, some Water Filters can filter such pathogens from water. Drinking from a water filtration bottle while away, can help safeguard your next vacation from such nefarious intestinal infections. Sadly, the water bottle is not at all effective against the projectile sneezing or coughing on the plane.

Fill a Water Bottle, Not a Landfill

Every time you fill your water filtration bottle, you keep one disposable water bottle or fast food cup out of the landfill. If you skip the bottled water and use your filtration bottle instead, you save 2,920 disposable plastic bottles from the landfill. Even if your municipality has a local recycling program, using a reusable filtration bottle harnesses the true power of your city’s program by combining recycling some resources with reusing others.

Quickly Quench Your Thirst

When you use a personal water filtration bottle, you’ll have a refreshing, safe beverage anywhere there’s a water faucet, fountain, or another water source. Stop wasting precious time waiting in line at the store or drive-thru. Fill up your personal water filtration bottle and quench your thirst for hours.


Whether you’re at home or on the road, a personal water filtration bottle is an excellent investment in

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