Embracing Change: The Eco – Green Fashion Revolution

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Embracing Change: The Eco - Green Fashion Revolution

Embracing Change: The Eco – Green Fashion Revolution

“Learn How Eco – Green Fashion Is Taking the World by Storm”                                                           

Our World Is Changing

Today’s society looks at fashion in a completely different way than it once did years ago. In the past decades, our society was oblivious to what type of fabrics we put on our body.  Furs, snakes and alligator accessories were acceptable.  It no longer is acceptable where the majority of today’s society frowns upon people where those materials.  People are more conscious and concerned about saving the planet and preventing animal extinction.  This is a completely different attitude from when I grew up and I am not even that old.

People have great concern about saving the planet and going green has become society’s only hope to help prevent the destruction of the earth.   Being aware of what you wear takes on a very different meaning than it once did!

What is Eco – Green Fashion?

Below are the different types of eco-green fashion to give you a clearer picture of what eco-green fashion is:

  • Natural Green Fashion: Accessories made from spinning yarn, using a loom and embroidery in the making of garments, jewelry or accessories made from natural items such as shells and cans.
  • Organic Fashion: Using only organically grown fabrics in the making of clothes.  Organically grown means plants sown without herbicides or any other toxic additives being used.  In order to be green, the fabrics should come from a green farm or place that has been documented as a green manufacturing company.
  • Produced Green Fashion:  Green clothes, jewelry or accessories made from local peopled.  This means clothes or accessories that are not made from sweatshops or waste dumping manufacturers.
  • Recyclable Fashion:  Re-spun fibers spun from old fabrics used to make new clothes and accessories.
  • Hand me downs turned into new outfits is another example of eco – green fashion.

Fun, Fashionable Eco-Friendly Fashion To Consider

You could even have a little fun by going to a craft store and creating your own eco – green clothes, jewelry, and accessories.  It will save you money and help save the earth for the next generations to come.  Eco-green jewelry is especially easy to design and create.  People have even designed fashionable belts and jewelry from cans!

Here are some tips and techniques on how to make some eco-green jewelry to wear with your new eco-green outfit:

Buy the right tools

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools handy in your house before you begin to design and create your new eco-green jewelry.  Make sure when you buy the tools that you read the instructions and learn how to use the tools properly so you don’t hurt yourself. Jagged edges, sharp wires, and glass shards can cause serious injury and caution is important when handling these tools.  It’s not dangerous if you learn how to do it right. Recycling tools is another way to get a two for one deal on environmental responsibility. Buying used tools to make earth jewelry prevents adding to the planet’s resource consumption. Try networking with other crafters of eco-friendly jewelry who might want to sell tools they no longer use.

Stay on top of what’s in style

Fashion magazines, books, and even television programs can help you come up with chic and stylish designs for your jewelry.   Watch out Hugo Boss!

Create a design on paper

Sketch any ideas you may have for your piece, consider the colors and shapes you may want to use.  Having a clear picture of what you want to create will make the creation of the piece a lot easier.

Collect the materials

Search out resources for green materials to use for your jewelry.  Recycling by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales is a great way to build up a collection of eco -green materials for your jewelry.

Be neat and organized

Keep your tools and materials organized so that supplies are readily available when needed.  Try labeling the containers in which they are stored. This will avoid wasting money buying repeat items. This is cash that can be used for new materials instead.

Society Is Aware of the Importance of Going Green

The fashion world has realized the importance of going green and designers and artists worldwide are making a conscious effort to save the earth’s natural resources (land, trees, ocean, water, animals). Thousands of designers are creating clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories made from natural, organic or recycled materials. Celebrities, high-end political figures and people all over the world are making eco-green statements by wearing eco – green clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

Every day there is a new development made in eco-green fashion. An innovative design creates an amazing line of eco – green clothes and accessories. A new boutique or online store opens up just focusing on recycled or eco-green clothes helping to make eco-fashion more available to the public to purchase. A popular celebrity wears an eco-friendly outfit causing people to open their eyes realizing that eco-green fashion is not only chic and stylish that it is the best style statement that anyone could make in today’s world.  Someone buys a bamboo fiber shirt, an organic skirt or organic pair of jeans and instantly falls in love with the items and creates a new love for the concept of eco-green fashion. Every day, a new eco-green fashion is created. Eco-green fashion has truly redefined the world of fashion forever.

Thought for the Day

Everything we do every day has an impact on our planet — good or bad. You have the power to control your fashion choices and most of all where you shop. All these things can have a huge impact on our and our planet and our lives. Living a greener lifestyle will help society move one step forward toward our goal of saving the plant and improving the world’s overall quality of life.

If you have any ways to share, please feel free to send us an email. We are always looking for new eco-friendly living ideas! Your feedback, questions, and comments are greatly appreciated.

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