7 Great Tips for Selecting the Best Growth Lights

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7 Great Tips for Selecting the Best Growth Lights

Using growth lights is the best way to promote a favorable lighting environment to your indoor marijuana plants which may be used to manufacture CBD oils. As illustrated by House Plants Expert, there are many advantages of using growth lights. Some of these advantages include stimulated growth, durability, adjustable wavelength, compactness, and energy efficiency.

There are many models of growth lights in the market. It can be quite challenging to choose the best growth light due to false product descriptions and misleading statements by manufacturers.

If you do not choose the right growth light, your plants may not grow under suitable lighting conditions. There are some factors which you should consider before you purchase growth lights. Here are some tips for selecting the best growth lights;

Materials and Quality Build

You should select growth lights which are durable and can last for at least ten years. You can assess the durability of growth lights from the materials which are used to manufacture it. Always select lamps which are made in conformity with the best industry standards and production methods. Also, you should analyze the materials used to make the lights and make sure that they are of the highest quality.

Brand Reputation

There are several brands of growth lights in the market today. It can be quite difficult to choose the best lights from these brands because they all vary in quality. Sometimes, lights manufactured by different companies may look similar to each other, and they may all be the same price. You should purchase growth lights from a company which is reputable, has a long history, and is famous for developmental efforts and extensive research.

Plant Growing Space


You should consider space availability when buying LED lights so that you can choose the right size and amount of lamps which you require. You must know the exact measurements of the growing space of your plants. Also, you must measure the area which you would like to install LED lights so that you can know the number of LED lights which you ought to purchase. Typically, you will require at least 32 watts of power per board foot when you grow cannabis indoors.

Electricity Consumption and Output

Typically, you will use your lights for at least ten hours daily. This constant usage of your growth lights will automatically increase your energy bills. You should evaluate the total output of a particular growth light system before you purchase it. Always go for a light system whose total units output exceeds 300W.

Heat Output

Of course, you will place your lights right next to your plants. You should always choose a growth light system which has a low heat output. This way, you can place your lights comfortably in proximity to the plants. If you grow light system has high heat output, it will burn out quickly, and it may also damage your marijuana plants which will be incapable of being used to make CBD oils.

Semiconductor Chip

The semiconductor chip serves as the core of the LED grow light. Its primary purpose is to convert electricity to light and determine its wavelength. You should select a grow light which has a chip of more than 3 watts. If the semiconductor chip of your light has a chip of fewer than 3 watts, then the light may not sufficiently illuminate your plants.

Consider the Cannabis Strain Which You Grow

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The light which you select should be suitable for all the plants present in your grow room.  As asserted by The Weed Blog, some grow light models are specifically made to address the needs of some particular cannabis strains.

This is because different strains of marijuana which are used to produce several types of CBD oils need different types of wavelengths at each of their growth phases. Also, some cannabis plants will need LED lights only during the flowering stages and vegetative cycles; while others require LED lights during the whole growth process.


If you use these tips to select the best grow lights, you will be able to provide a favorable lighting environment to your crops. When you create the right lighting environment for your plants, you will get high yields from them; especially if you sell your cannabis buds to companies which manufacture CBD oils.

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