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5 Best Natural Antibacterial Body Washes

The Complete Herbal Guide / Beauty Product Reviews  / 5 Best Natural Antibacterial Body Washes

5 Best Natural Antibacterial Body Washes

In case you are looking for an organic and natural body wash, there are two options to choose from an organic soap and an organic shower gel. Each of them, when made in the right manner, can be excellent options for all types of skin.

The effectiveness of the body wash really depends on the elements that it is made of. A body wash which is poorly crafted will not contain any moisturizing element and might have harsh preservatives and foaming agents. However, the right kind of body wash with the right elements will be nourishing and hydrating.

hose off

Fieldworks Hose Off

This is a clay-based body wash that has a natural formulation with antimicrobial ingredients which are skin-friendly. Hence, it offers complete hygiene and doesn’t harm the skin.

In regards to the ingredients, this body wash has enough to boast about. It has a plethora of ingredients that moisturize the skin such as olive oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil. The body wash has a combination of essential oils such as Nutmeg oil, lime oil, rosemary extracts, and vetiver oil. Apart from this, there is also Bentonite Clay that is popular for natural skin nourishing and healing properties.

Bentonite clay present in it helps in washing away the bacteria and also grime and sweat. If it added with essential oils, it will offer complete protection from all types of bacterial and fungal infection on the skin. The essential oils that it contains nourish and hydrate your sensitive and dry skin. This is a completely natural product which makes it popular among the customers.

foot wash

Artnaturals Body and Foot Wash

This body wash is a natural compound which deodorizes, heals, and soothes the skin which helps you to feel fresh when you take a bath. The brand is trustworthy and uses just natural ingredients to formulate the product. It has an impressive list of ingredients. The brand claims that the ingredients are healing, antiseptic, and natural. You will notice that the list of ingredients contains chamomile, awapuhi white ginger, eucalyptus, and tea tree. This is what offers anti-microbial properties.

Coconut, aloe vera, jojoba, olive, passion flower, and acai berries will offer skin healing and nourishing abilities. To offer maximum hydration, the formula has hydrolyzed soy protein, coco betaine, glycerin, and honey.

This is the best body wash for someone who has an active lifestyle. The body wash is a gentle and powerful combination. The natural elements not just clean your body but also nourish the skin offering you relief from grim, sweat, and unpleasant body odor. It is a gentle product which can be used by anyone who is over 3 years of age.

tea tree oil (2)

Clauson Naturals’ Tea Tree Soap

This is another antibacterial body wash which is rated highly by the users. It has been made clear by the brand that list of ingredients that goes into the product is made of 72% organic which is made from 97% natural elements. Who doesn’t appreciate a little honesty! The ingredient list also contains coconut extracts, aloe vera, jojoba extract, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary extract, and peppermint oil.

The natural smell of the body wash is quite impressive. The product lathers well and many people love the lingering smell on their skin. It is perfectly capable of cleaning the dirt and grime.


Vi-Tae Anti-Bacterial Soap

This is an anti-bacterial soap which cleanses the skin and also kills all bacterial without wiping off the moisture from the skin. It is available at a reasonable price. The soap bar has natural anti-bacterial agents such as lemongrass, sage oil, patchouli, and rosemary extract. The agents that hydrate the skin are sunflower oil, safflower oil, bergamot oil, and coconut extracts.

It contains a blend of maximum natural ingredients which you will ever get in a soap bar. The soap lathers pretty well and offers a luxurious feel. It is helpful in controlling infections and rashes. The soap also works great on acne.

therapeutic soap

Oleavine Therapeutic Soap

This is a popular natural antibacterial foot and body wash which you will find in the market. It is considered to be effective as it serves its purpose. In this body wash, you will find natural ingredients which can be a good choice if you have skin infections. The formulation doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is also free from detergents, preservatives, artificial color, and fragrance.

The anti-bacterial agents which are used in the soap are tea tree oil, neem oil, thyme extract, mint extract, cinnamon bark extract, lavender oil, and rosemary leaf extract. Hence, it offers protection against skin irritation.

Things You Need to Know about Natural Antibacterial Soap

  • These should be used as a precaution for keeping your skin free from fungal and bacterial infection. It can sort out rashes and minimal skin infection. However, you need to keep in mind that it is hardly a solution when it comes to serious skin problems. In such a case, you need to get in touch with a skin specialist.
  • Anti-bacterial products can dry out your skin. Hence, if you have dry skin, using any kind of anti-bacterial body wash or soap might make the skin even drier. Hence, if you are planning to include a body wash or soap in your regular bath regime, you should go for one that contains ingredients which will hydrate the skin. If you opt for cleansers that contain natural anti-bacterial agents such as neem oil, essential oils, and tea tree oil.
  • In case you are not using this cleanser as prevention but for treating skin problems that already exist, you should continue using the soap for some period of time if you have to get the result that you want. In certain cases, you will see improvements almost immediately. However, if you have to solve the problem completely, you need to give it some time. Being impatient and shifting from one soap to another will not solve your skin problem.

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