Tips to Keep Your Feet Clean and Healthy

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Tips to Keep Your Feet Clean and Healthy

If you want to live a healthy and happy life, it is essential to give your body some tender loving care. The same thing should also be done for your feet because they are the most used and abused parts of your body. Imagine walking a few miles each day, climbing up and down the stairs, plus doing errands; the feet experience a lot of stress and fatigue. You may sometimes take your feet for granted, but in reality, they deserve more attention than other parts of your body. So here are some essential tips on how to properly take good care of your feet.

Treat nail fungus ASAP

If you have itchy, smelly, brittle and yellowish nails, it is a telltale sign that you have a fungal infection. Make sure to treat the affected area right away using an antifungal nail paint that is prescribed by your doctor. Nail fungus is not contagious, but it takes some time to cure the condition.

Give your feet a daily check-up

Allot five minutes of your time each day to check your feet thoroughly. Make sure that they do not have any cuts, rashes, ulcers or blisters. If you notice any open wounds, you should set an appointment with your doctor right away. Making sure that your feet are wound free is very important if you have diabetes. Poor circulation in the lower limbs can cause non-healing wounds that can lead to amputation.

Moisturize regularly

Dry feet can lead to lots of skin conditions like painful callouses. You can apply moisturizer or lotion after taking a bath or before sleeping to keep your feet soft and smooth. However, do not apply moisturizer between your toes, to prevent them from trapping moisture which can lead to an athlete’s foot.

Wear the right footwear

Many people, mostly girls, sacrifice style over comfort. That is why many of them still prefer wearing high heels and strappy sandals because they look good on the feet. But the problem is these shoes are uncomfortable for the feet.

It would be best to choose shoes that are made with soft insoles and stable arch supports to make sure that your feet are comfortable despite walking long distances for a while. Also, it is essential to invest in several pairs of high-quality shoes. You should look into running shoes that offer stability and comfort all at the same time.

Cut your nails every week

You can groom your toenails once a week by cutting them straight using a clean nail cutter. Do not forget to use an emery board for filing each side of the nail to prevent the growth of ingrown nails. If ever your toes start to swell due to an infected toenail, it would be best to have it removed by a podiatrist for safety reasons.

Lastly, do not forget to wear protective footwear like rubber boots during the rainy season. This will prevent dirty floodwater from affecting your feet, which can cause severe infections like leptospirosis.

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