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What’s New in Hemp Fashion?

Hemp, the non-psychoactive sister plant of cannabis, is one of the oldest crops in the world. People have used hemp for millennia in the making of paper, medicines, and nutrition. Because of the versatility of the plant, it played a major role in the economies of many different countries throughout the years. Then, thanks to its relationship with marijuana, hemp gained a negative stigma and was eventually banned in the United States. But now, thanks to the hemp bill, which recognizes that the hemp plant contains less than .3% THC and thus is not a psychoactive substance, the plant has been made legal again. When we talk about the benefits of re-legalizing hemp, we often speak of the plant’s medicinal properties—and those are certainly important. But going...


4 Benefits of Dressing Well

It might be easier to stay in your pajamas, but that’s not the best thing for staying positive and feeling good about yourself. Whether you work from home and you're in the trap of working from your bed, or you spend your days off work lounging and binge-watching Netflix, it can all get very demoralizing very quickly. You don’t need an excuse to get dressed up, and if you're going to the effort of putting some clothes on, then why not go all out? Dressing well doesn't have to be a chore, and you might be surprised by how putting on your glad rags might actually be of benefit. Confidence Boosting It might be relaxing to crawl from your bed and lie on the sofa all day,...


Must-Have Pieces to Add to Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is here and everyone’s so happy to see the nice weather and more sunlight. However, it changes rather suddenly and quite randomly. Spring weather is very fickle and we never know whether it’s going to rain or be extremely hot for this particular part of the year. Perhaps it’ll be windy or a bit chilly and we need to be prepared for practically anything. This is why we never know what to wear and it’s one of the problems of this lovely season. Luckily, there is an answer – layers. The key to staying properly dressed definitely is having multiple layers you can take off or put back on according to the weather. So, let’s check out what’s missing from your wardrobe, so you...