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Weight Loss Product Reviews

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“Coral Cinnamon 6 with additional important herbs and nutrients is a powerful 100% all natural dietary supplement that creates whole body wellness and maintains healthy blood sugar naturally.” Cinnamon 6 delivers calcium from above sea EcoSafe coral, Chromium Colynicotinate and a proprietary blend of cinnamon extract and powder, Gymnema Sylvestre, American Ginseng, Nopal Cactus, Bitter Melon and Fenugreek – a centuries-old combination known for its powerful health effects. The Benefits of Coral Cinnamon 6 Cinnamon comes up with various health benefits. The recommended consumption of cinnamon is around 2-4 grams of cinnamon. This consumption habit will drastically improve your overall health. Let’s take a look at 7 of the top health benefits of cinnamon. Reduce the risk of various types of heart diseases Heart disease is one of the most...

CORAL CellEnergy H2

“Ultimate Antioxidant Formula – Powered By Molecular Hydrogen” What are Coral Minerals? Coral minerals are unlike any manmade food supplements available. Fossilized stony coral minerals were once immersed in seawater for thousands of years and over time they were raised above the sea. Coral has retained mineral properties of all 74 important seawater minerals.These minerals are very similar to the mineral composition of the human body. The near perfect match and resulting benefits of coral minerals for human consumption are unbeatable and cannot be duplicated in a laboratory.  What can Molecular Hydrogen do for your Health? The following evidence-based health benefits are among the many advantages of supplementing with Molecular Hydrogen:  Molecular Hydrogen (H2)...


BLISS: body software – Weight loss, mood and quality of life

Did you know…? When you feel sad or irritable, it might seem impossible to turn your mood around. But simple changes to your dietary habits and lifestyle can result in a noticeably improved mood and even weight loss. While treatment of clinical depression and mood disorders should be discussed with your doctor, for most people, eating foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals and complementing your diet with alternative supplements could be exactly what you need to turn your mood around, lose weight and even eliminate addictive behavior due to neurochemical imbalance. What is Bliss? Bliss is composed of ingredients that help support the production of neurochemicals involved in pleasure, reward, and mood.  In addition, Bliss helps improve thyroid function and thermogenesis, leading to improved cellular energy, metabolism...

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Dr. Vita SLIMdown – A Great Product to Help You Lose Weight

The Dr. Vita SLIMdown Product Review - A Great Product on the Market That Will Help You Lose Weight...

A Powerful Natural Weight Loss Antioxidant – Combats Free Radicals & Promotes Weight Loss

A powerful natural weight loss antioxidant which combats free radicals in the blood stream and promotes weight loss...