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Know All About Turmeric and the Diseases It Protects You From

Know All About Turmeric and the Diseases It Protects You From

Turmeric, the spice that gives curry its yellow color, is arguably one of the most powerful natural therapies out there. The medicinal use of turmeric dates back some 4000 years ago in Ancient India when it was used to treat digestive problems, parasitic infections, and inflammation among many other things. These days, science has also recognized the powerful healing properties of turmeric as made evident by over 3000 scientific publications that came out within the last 30 years. However, most of these studies focused on a compound in turmeric called curcumin that constitutes 5-6% of the turmeric plant. Nevertheless, the healing properties of turmeric are still strong when used in its natural form, consistently and over an extended period of time. Here, we explain how...


Natural Remedies for Anti-Inflammatory

Marigold has a long history as a superior antibacterial when used internally and externally and has been used to heal many skin irritations, wounds, and injuries, including eczema, herpes, gingivitis, varicose veins and athlete's foot. It is thought to be similar to Witch Hazel, due to its natural iodine content, and may be used as a local application to heal all types of skin problems. Some consider Marigold to be the best tissue healer for wounds, and old herbal doctors believed that constant applications of Marigold would help or even prevent gangrene or tetanus. ...