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Expert Diana Ross (Expert in Breast Cancer & Yoga)

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Expert Diana Ross (Expert in Breast Cancer & Yoga)

diana ross


Diana Ross Founder of Breast Cancer Yoga & Breast Cancer Survivor:


Diana is an expert in the field of yoga, and complementary herbal medicines. She has dedicated the last 30 years studying yoga philosophy and Native American herbs. Her credentials are as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher) and CYT (Certified Yoga Therapist).  Diana’s system of yoga is KaliRay TriYoga. She has studied with Yogini Kali Ray “Kaliji” for 18 years is certified from Basics to Level 2. After selling her love “Inner Spirit Yoga Center” she turned her attention and yoga teachings to the women in the breast cancer community. As founder of Breast Cancer Yoga, and as a survivor Diana wants to make a difference and offer hope, health and support.

Diana’s yoga teachings allowed her the following “Certifications of Completion”: Yoga Flow Prasara, Subtle Anatomy, PranaVidja, Philosophy of Yoga Principles, Nada Yoga, Chanting, Vegan Life Styles, Yoga Sutras, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy of Yoga, Yoga Therapy Study, Basic Anatomy and Physiology Applications in Yoga and Therapeutic Principles of Alignment, Reading the Body, Chakra System, Study of Injuries, Conditions of Prevention, Yoga Therapy Techniques and KRIYA Yoga.

Her studies with botanicals allowed her the following “Certificates of Completion”: Therapeutic Botanicals in Medicinal Herbalism, Native American Herbs, Herbalism 5 Phase Theory, Medicine Making in Native American Herbs, and TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicines. Her primary Master Herbalist is Patricia Howell as well as David Hoffman, Michael Tierra, David Winston, Susan Weed and many others. Plants are one of her main passions.

She has traveled to India several times with Sat guru, Sri Kaliji – 2006, 2010-11, and has studied with the following Yoga Masters: Richard Freeman, Beryl Bender Birch, Dave Swenson, Bikram, John Friend, Dharma Mitra, Cindi Lee, Gabrielle Halprin, Mr. TKV Desikachar, Rodney Yee, Siva Rea, Joan White, Judith Lasater, Edwin Bryant, Marcia Monroe, Patricia Walden, Kofi, Jillian Pransky, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D and many others.

Diana graduated from the State University of New York in Brockport. She received a BS in Physical Education and Health Science as well as a BS in Holistic Health Studies. Graduating with a 3.5 from 1978 – 1981. Diana was on the college’s Swim Team, and also enjoyed Racquet Ball and taught yoga.

The Breast Cancer Yoga Blog By Diana Ross


Sugar-Free Protein Brownie Recipe

Breast cancer patients can exhibit an increased demand for protein. Tumors utilize glucose as their main source of energy supply. Thus, a diet supplying the cancer patient with sufficient protein while restricting the sugars tumors thrive on is a helpful strategy in improving a breast cancer patients healthy recovery.This protein rich recipe includes hemp protein powder which is not marijuana. The two plants are distant relatives, having similar physical appearances and structures but little more.  Marijuana flowers contain a chemical called THC which, when heated and ingested, causes intoxication.  Marijuana has been used for this reason as a medicine for thousands of years.Hemp, on the other hand, contains 0.00% THC, so has no narcotic effect on people.  Hemp has never been used as a medicine;...


Powerful Antioxidant Breakfast Smoothie For A Cancer Diet

by Breast Cancer Authority StaffAccording to this study, by far the most comprehensive of its kind in history, there are only three whole foods on the planet that have more antioxidant power than cloves. One of them is amla—dried Indian gooseberries. Now, not only is it more powerful, but, also more palatable. You could add a whole teaspoon of amla to a smoothie, and probably wouldn’t even taste it. Try doing that with a teaspoon of powdered cloves. One sip; you’d be on the floor! Let’s look at the antioxidant content of some typical American breakfast foods: bacon [7] and eggs [+8], for example. A bowl of corn flakes [25] with milk [+9]. Egg McMuffin [16]. Pancakes [16] with maple syrup [+9]. Bagel [24] with cream...

How To Do The Sitting Bounce On Your Rebounder – Breast Cancer/Lymphedema Exercise

Don’t Let Age or Injury Hinder your Commitment to Exercise: Doing the Sitting Bounce on Your RebounderIt is true that we should not let anything prevent us from ensuring that we remain strong and healthy, which is why the sitting bounce on a rebounder trampoline is one of the best exercises that you can do.Even if your body has been weakened due to illness, age, or an injury, you can use this exercise to increase your strength and energy.There are many rebounder exercise routines that almost anyone can do.However, one of the most age-neutral exercise routines would have to be the sitting bounce, which is an exercise that you can do even if you suffer from injuries that prevent you from doing typical exercises.How to...

Powerful Ideas For A Successful Breast Cancer Healing Journal

Keeping a JOURNAL during the process of healing is very important. I know many of you get scared of a blank page starring back at you or some of you might be thinking, “are you off your rocker?, I don’t want to remember this.” I imagine that you are having feelings and through ts that are at times overwhelming. I also imagine that your head is spinning in many directions at once. As a person in treatment you have entered a territory that you have never explored and you have already experienced a lot of trauma as a result. A JOURNAL becomes your friend, confident, and safe place.A JOURNAL invites you to tell “it” all about whatever is going on inside of you. You...

How To Get Your Healing Garden Off Drugs With Natural Pesticides

Many common pesticides (such as ant, roach and mice poisons) have been linked to breast cancer. It probably shouldn’t surprise us that these compounds can be dangerous; they are designed to kill insects with which we share many common biological systems!Several pesticides are known endocrine disruptors (they disrupt natural hormone-signaling pathways), and through these mechanisms have been implicated in increased risk for breast cancer. In addition to effects by themselves, these chemicals have been shown to have additive effects with other kinds of endocrine disruptors. In other words, exposures to small doses of pesticides may have greater effects when people are also exposed to other chemicals to which we are all commonly exposed.Unfortunately, when pesticides are applied in the home, they don’t just kill bugs and...