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Hair Care


Do Herbs Work to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman without splendid, shiny and dense locks, they give her confidence and make her look more feminine. Hair is the best accessory and if you want to make your strands look always well-groomed and healthy, then you should take care of them.Locks reflect our lifestyle, health, but there are factors, which affect tresses negatively: hormonal changes, the lack of protein and vitamins, stress, improper hair care (incorrectly selected shampoos, masks, balms, frequent washing), mechanical or chemical exposure (the use of a hair dryer, an iron, the lack of protection from UV rays).However, even if your strands are thin and brittle, it does not mean that you cannot improve their condition. Nowadays, there is a huge range of different...


Top 12 Ways to Naturally Lighten Hair and Add Highlights at Home


Best Hair Masks for Oily Hair

If your locks become oily after one or two days after washing, it means you have greasy hair type.   Sebum is the natural oil, which makes your hair healthy and protected, but an excessive production of it turns your shiny hair to dirty locks. Oil hair always looks heavy, volume less, dull and more prone to dandruff and itching. To fight this problem you have to keep your strands clean and scalp moisturized.  Natural hair masks will help you to reach these goals and cause no harm to your hair. Our professionals at Northgate Barber Shop offer you three most effective and easy remedies you can try at home.Lemon juice Lemon based masks work great on any hair type, including greasy one. Being highly rich...


Top 6 Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

 The standards of feminine beauty at all times presupposed the presence of long healthy tresses. Each of us is trying to grow hair throughout life. Unfortunately, not all attempts are successful. Bad ecology, constant stress, poor diet, lack of time for hair care - all this destroys our dreams of long tresses. However, despite this, we have a chance to grow hair with natural home remedies for hair growth! What if the hair does not grow? It does grow, but it happens very slowly ...


Three Tips for Men with Thick Hair

All men around suffer from thinning hair, and it seems that you are the only one who doesn't know how to cope with your thick mane? Thick hair is often associated with fuzzy curls and coarse texture; there for sure should exist a remedy to deal with it. Barbers at New York City barber shops are ready to share their secrets with you. Tip #1 More Moisture Due to the hair texture, the scalp’s oil can hardly reach the ends of the hair, so they are usually dry and tend to split. If it is about your hair, barbers at New York City barber shops recommend purchasing products which provide additional moisture. For example, it can be a shampoo and conditioner with avocado extracts. This ingredient is...

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[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] HOW HAIR JOURNAL CAN BENEFIT YOUR LOCKS[/caption]Sometimes we look in the mirror and have to admit the truth – our hair doesn’t look as good as it used to. If you’re not satisfied with the condition of your hair, you should take actions immediately. We’ve consulted professionals at the Best Salon NYC to find out how a hair journal can benefit your locks:1. Overall condition The first thing you should write about in your hair journal is an overall condition of your locks. You have to be honest with yourself and keep a track on the general health of your hair. Write about split ends, breakage, color fading or any other problems you spot. If you analyze your hair every month, it...