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Content in this special section is created by The Complete Herbal Guide on behalf of our sponsors.


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Promotions That Really Shake It Up!

It's 2017! Shake It Up To Be Your Best Healthy Self! Now Save Quarterly! Designs For Health Customer Loyalty Program 2017 Q1 CODE: FF20Q117 20% off * Reorder your favorite products or try something new * Save 20% on 6 or more per product (no mixing and matching) * Apply discount code online or contact me * One time use Hurry! This exclusive offer expires March 31st. PaleoCleanse Plus™ 14 or 21 Day Kit PaleoMeal Plus™ GreenTein Complete™   Healthy Recipe Suggestions For The Quarterly Featured Products PaleoCleanse Plus™ 14 or 21 Day Detox Kit PaleoMeal Plus™ Lean Body Kit GreenTein Complete™ BERRY DELIGHT SHAKE 1 scoop PaleoCleanse Plus and/or 1 scoop PaleoMeal DF Vanilla 1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries 1/2 cup water, coconut milk, rice milk or almond milk pinch of cinnamon ice (if you want thicker shake) Please click the button below to read more yummy recipes designed to support the...


Get a Free eBook to Positive Power

How to Maintain Your Resolution to Cut Out the Negativity [mc4wp_form id="34107"] Do you have goals you want to achieve in life? Do you want to learn how to turn your dreams into a reality?  Do you have obstacles in life you want to overcome? Do you want to learn how to stop being so negative? "How to Maintain Your Resolution to Cut Out the Negativity," brings together comprehensive information about POSITIVE THINKING and unlike other books on positive thinking. Inside this book, you'll discover...



Good afternoon, I work with a brave and empowering singer and songwriter, Josh Michaels. His songs and writing, center on healing. Josh is giving his energy to cancer survivors and caregivers by donating a portion of the proceeds from his sales to cancer research from his EP, "OUT OF THE DEEP BLUE: seven tracks inspired to motivate and give new meaning to people’s lives.” Sure, he would share about performing for Kristin Hoffmann, Premik, a sax player for Santana and Lady Gaga, Film maker Mark A. France, who used many of Josh’s songs in his short films, MTV TV show “Catfish” using Josh’s track as a soundtrack on their show etc., but the inspiration you will get comes when he talks about his interactions with regular folks...



       EXCEPTIONAL VEGAN CUISINE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER TASTED BEFORE!   Vegetarian Plus Lives Up To Its Name By Adding Amazing Flavors, Globally-Sourced Vegan Ingredients & Authentic Texture To Every Artisanal Dish Citrus Sparerib Cutlets; Kung Pao Chicken & Black Pepper Steaks Among Brand’s Most Popular Vegan Versions of Classic Dishes For more than a decade and a half, Vege USA’s popular Vegetarian Plus brand (www.vegetarian-plus.com) has been winning over vegans, vegetarians and even mainstream consumers ready to give up meat now and then by offering an enticing range of culinary plusses designed to elevate plant-based cuisine to an entirely new plateau. The Brand-defining Distinctions of Vegetarian Plus: The finest vegan / vegetarian versions of classic Asian, Indian, and American dishes available on the market today. Authentically rich flavor and texture. ...


When You’re Abruptly Cut Off Your Opioids

The problem It seems there are two kinds of opioid-using chronic pain patients these days. Those whose doctors have abruptly cut them off from their opioids Those who live in fear of it happening to them. Their doctors are fearful too—of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) arresting them for prescribing “too many” opioids, or losing their licenses for similar reasons.  New “voluntary” prescribing guidelines published by the CDC in March 2016 appear to have exacerbated this problem, as many pain patient advocates had warned it would. Regardless of the arguments for and against the safety and effectiveness of opioids for treatment of chronic pain, abrupt discontinuation of opioids is a cruel and counterproductive practice. After a week or two of administration, the human body adapts to the presence of...


Resolve to Get Healthier with Muscadine’s, The Super Fruit of The South

Contributed by Paulk’s Pride According to Time.com, the most popular New Year’s resolutions last year were “enjoy life to the fullest” and “live a healthier lifestyle”. Seems simple enough, but many of us give up on our resolutions just a few months in. The key is finding something you enjoy to help you to live a healthier lifestyle. If it is too difficult or inconvenient, we resort back to what is comfortable.  Paulk’s Pride products provide nutritional and energetic boosts, that not only make you feel good and help with numerous health issues, but the taste is something that makes it easy to add the products to an every day routine all year long. The list of nutritional benefits of the super fruit includes helping joint and...


Browlin Talks About His Upcoming Projects including His Latest Album “To The Border.”

Oliver Brown AKA Browlin is not only an exceptional DJ but he has worked as a music consultant on major films including “Love, Rosie” staring Lilly Collins and Sam Clafin in 2014. Notably He won record of the week on BBC Radio 2 with Shudda which was voted for by listeners! His Youtube channel has almost 2 million views thanks to his dubstep remix of the British christmas song from the movie The Snowman. Next year Oliver is expanding his horizons and taking the leap across the pond where his music is already catching the eye of film and television producers in California and he will live bi-coastal, still hitting the clubs in London to spin his sounds whenever he is called to play at celebrity...

Edward & Sons Introduces Two New Organic Young Unseasoned Jackfruit Items - Versatile Vegan Alternative To Meat

Edward & Sons Introduces Two New Organic Young Unseasoned Jackfruit Items – Versatile Vegan Alternative To Meat

Edward & Sons Trading Company (www.edwardandsons.com), a pioneer in the natural foods industry that introduced Miso-Cup® instant soup and gluten-free Brown Rice Snaps® to American consumers, is introducing two new organic young jackfruit items under their Edward & Sons brand. These join their current Native Forest branded Organic Young Jackfuit, which has become a popular vegan alternative to meat thanks to its neutral flavor and meaty texture. The company introduced Native Forest jackfruit about a year ago and it's now available in many Whole Foods Markets and numerous other stores where quality organic groceries are sold from coast to coast. The new Edward & Sons Organic Young Jackfruit is offered in two cuts: chunky Pieces and versatile Shred  - both unseasoned. This is an important distinction because other jackfruit items...