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The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Posts tagged "vitamin"

Layering Skin Care Products – 8 Steps To Follow

Let’s face it; you probably spent a large sum of money on the best skincare products for your skin. So the last thing you want to do is use them incorrectly. If you don’t know how to apply them in the proper order, you won’t be able to get the most out of each product. Often people keep changing products because they don't work for them. But, this can also be because of the product not being applied correctly. This is where the art of layering skin care products is needed. So take a look at these 8 steps to get your money’s worth and to layer products like a pro. Step 1: Cleanse (Cleansing the face) Before applying anything, your face must be clean and fresh. The primary...

10 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin2

10 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin {Infographic}

Most people rely on skin care products to make them look young and beautiful, but if you really want to avoid premature aging, you should remember that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin. Keeping the years off your skin is possible, but you will need to make some changes to your diet. The infographic below will help you make sure that you eat enough foods containing the essential “youthful” vitamins. Do you know any vitamin-rich recipes for beautiful skin? Share them in the comment section. by http://naturalon.com/...


Can A Lack Of B12 Really Make You Depressed?

By KATE ASHFORD As vitamins go, B12 is an important one. It's essential for nerve and blood cells and helps make DNA. It also staves off a form of anemia that can cause weakness and fatigue. If you aren't getting enough, you can experience a medley of problems, from constipation to loss of appetite to trouble concentrating. A recent medical journal article even suggests that a vitamin B12 deficiency may have been the cause of Mary Todd Lincoln's psychiatric and physical issues, which included a sore mouth and delusions. But can a shortage of B12 really contribute to depression? In a way, yes. "Low levels will worsen the symptoms of depression" because you need B vitamins to produce and metabolize the mood chemical serotonin, says Joseph Feuerstein, MD, an...

beautiful skin

6 Best Vitamins for Women to Look Younger and Live Longer

The most essential vitamins for women used to stay healthy, young and to live long...