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33 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes Made With Real Food (Not Tofurkey)

Vegetarians at a family Thanksgiving dinner are accustomed to getting the stink eye, the exasperated sigh, and the classic, “I think these mashed potatoes are meat-free… oh wait, it's made with chicken stock.” On a day that emphasizes indulgence to the point of a bellyache, those who choose to avoid meat are often the odd ones out. But instead of complaining, they slap a smile on their faces and fill up on not-so-satisfying green bean casserole, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie. Not so this year. Here are 33 of our favorite vegetarian main dishes that are far from boring, tasteless, or the dreaded Tofurkey. 1. Pumpkin Pot Pie Photo: Earthy Feast The classic chicken pot pie goes vegetarian and seasonal in this spotlight-stealing dish. Instead of meat, roasted pumpkin,...

5 Things You're Doing Every Day That Could Be Severely Damaging Your Health

5 Things You’re Doing Every Day That Could Be Severely Damaging Your Health

by Jonathan Galland Sure, you know that pesticides are harmful, lead paint is a no-no, and mold is bad news. But where else are toxins hiding in your everyday life? The short answer: everywhere. Chemicals and toxins can enter your body in a number of ways — through your food and drink and through your skin, eyes, and nose. While any one of these chemicals alone might not be a concern, it's the cumulative exposure to toxins that may cause long-term health problems over time. Here are five ways you may be exposing yourself to toxins without realizing it: 1. Artificial food dyes: You may think that by steering clear of neon-colored breakfast cereals and energy drinks you're avoiding synthetic dyes. But they also lurk in many products like baked...


Serenity Skincare Launched Five New Goats Milk Body Crèmes

If you know there was a product that included no toxins and was made to high standards.…wouldn’t you reach for that first?  Serenity Acres has created a line of natural body care products with goat milk from their own goats, and these products are not only good for your skin, but they are good for your soul and good for the planet. Julia Shewchuk, creator of the SerenityGoats.com line of all natural body care and owner of the Animal Welfare Approved Certified goats, stays true to her mission to give her goats a happy life and produce all natural products to minimize the toxins we are exposed to in our daily lives. Julia Shewchuk and her husband, Wayne, moved to a Serenity Acres farm in North...


Join Our Facebook Community – Friends Who Like Natural Healing

  The Complete Guide to Natural Healing believes that natural remedies can be your best medicine. This community will show you the truth about health and wellness, so you can help your family and closest friends get even healthier. You’ll learn exactly what you should do and how to eat to get healthy, exercise to get your leanest, healthiest body and how to take control of your family’s health, using natural remedies as medicine. This community was created to give you the truth about health, so you can live a vibrant, energetic life based on a natural approach to healing the and maintaining optimal health using alternative medicine, herbals, vitamins, fruits, and vegetables. We would love to see your comments, photo's, and posts! WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY!...

Mediterranean Diet

Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is rich in vegetables, fruit, peas and beans (legumes) and grains. It also contains moderate amounts of chicken and fish. There is little red meat and most fat is unsaturated and comes from olive oil and nuts. Having a small amount of red wine has been shown to increase the health benefits. In combination with moderate exercise and not smoking, the Mediterranean Diet offers a scientifically researched, affordable, balanced and health-promoting lifestyle choice. The health benefits The typical Western diet is high in animal fats, sugar and preservatives but low in fruit and vegetables. Scientific research has shown that this food combination is partially responsible for triggering many chronic diseases and cancers. Research has also shown that following a Mediterranean diet can reduce the chance of developing...

Businessman Running on Beach

David Noll Discusses the Business of Creating Healthy Lifestyles

Featured in the Huffington Post In an era so replete with processed and unhealthy foods, it’s comforting to know that American consumers can still benefit from a wide array of purely natural products from New Zealand, including Manuka Honey and Pacific Sea Salt (a far healthier salt option than what most of us consume every day). I recently chatted with David Noll, the founder, and CEO of Pacific Resources International (www.shoppri.com), which first introduced Manuka Honey to these shores and which has been importing premium-quality New Zealand products to America for some three decades. Here’s what he had to say: Stacey Chillemi: Did you have a particular health journey that led you to New Zealand and how did that journey shape your professional and personal life? David Noll:...