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The Natural Version of Aspirin – Queen of the Meadow

Did you know..? Queen of the Meadow is the natural version of aspirin without the digestive upsets and bleeding that may accompany the synthetic product. It is even said to soothe digestive upsets, as well as the pains and aches of inflammatory ailments. Plant Description: Queen of the meadow is home-grown to central and E Asia, where most of the popular ornamental species come from such as the bridal wreath (S. x prunifolia), native to Japan, and its similar hybrid S. vanhouttei. In these species the fragrant, spire like flower clusters typical of the genus are borne on long, arching branches.Queen of the Meadow native to North America include the hardhack, or steeplebush (S. tomentosa), a local source of astringent and tonic, and the meadowsweets (several species). The...