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When You’re Abruptly Cut Off Your Opioids

The problem It seems there are two kinds of opioid-using chronic pain patients these days.Those whose doctors have abruptly cut them off from their opioids Those who live in fear of it happening to them.Their doctors are fearful too—of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) arresting them for prescribing “too many” opioids, or losing their licenses for similar reasons.  New “voluntary” prescribing guidelines published by the CDC in March 2016 appear to have exacerbated this problem, as many pain patient advocates had warned it would.Regardless of the arguments for and against the safety and effectiveness of opioids for treatment of chronic pain, abrupt discontinuation of opioids is a cruel and counterproductive practice. After a week or two of administration, the human body adapts to the presence of...


Life After Opioids for the Chronic Pain Patient

Cindy Perlin, LCSWMany of the 100 million chronic pain patients in the United States have been depending on opioids to manage their pain, some for decades. In the last few years, concerns about addiction and deaths from prescription opioids have resulted in changes in guidelines regarding opioid use and a crackdown on physicians who prescribe opioids. Many physicians are refusing to continue prescribing opioids to their patients.  Others are refusing to take on any new patients who have chronic pain. Patients who lose their doctors due to retirement, relocation, DEA prosecution or license revocation often have no place to turn for their medication.There’ve been numerous reports of pain patients committing suicide after their doctor discontinued their opioids and they could no longer tolerate the unremitting...


The Horror of Opioids, Hopkins Bioethicist Says Doctors Must Do More To Help Patients Through Withdrawal

 By Katie Pearce After harrowing opioid experience, Hopkins bioethicist says doctors must do more to help patients through withdrawal After a month of white-knuckling his way through nausea sweating, shivering, and depression of opioid withdrawal, Travis Rieder finally gave in and refilled his prescription.But he put that bottle of pills—which he'd been prescribed in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident and several foot surgeries—on his nightstand and didn't touch them. When he got to sleep that night without them, it was his first true rest in days. IN 2013, MEDICAL PROVIDERS IN THE U.S. WROTE NEARLY A QUARTER OF A BILLION PRESCRIPTIONS FOR OPIOIDS. THAT'S ENOUGH FOR EVERY AMERICAN ADULT TO HAVE THEIR OWN BOTTLE OF PILLS. "I had come out on the other side," Rieder, a bioethicist at Johns Hopkins,...