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Can A Lack Of B12 Really Make You Depressed?

By KATE ASHFORD As vitamins go, B12 is an important one. It's essential for nerve and blood cells and helps make DNA. It also staves off a form of anemia that can cause weakness and fatigue. If you aren't getting enough, you can experience a medley of problems, from constipation to loss of appetite to trouble concentrating. A recent medical journal article even suggests that a vitamin B12 deficiency may have been the cause of Mary Todd Lincoln's psychiatric and physical issues, which included a sore mouth and delusions. But can a shortage of B12 really contribute to depression? In a way, yes."Low levels will worsen the symptoms of depression" because you need B vitamins to produce and metabolize the mood chemical serotonin, says Joseph Feuerstein, MD, an...


Powerful Antioxidant Breakfast Smoothie For A Cancer Diet

by Breast Cancer Authority StaffAccording to this study, by far the most comprehensive of its kind in history, there are only three whole foods on the planet that have more antioxidant power than cloves. One of them is amla—dried Indian gooseberries. Now, not only is it more powerful, but, also more palatable. You could add a whole teaspoon of amla to a smoothie, and probably wouldn’t even taste it. Try doing that with a teaspoon of powdered cloves. One sip; you’d be on the floor! Let’s look at the antioxidant content of some typical American breakfast foods: bacon [7] and eggs [+8], for example. A bowl of corn flakes [25] with milk [+9]. Egg McMuffin [16]. Pancakes [16] with maple syrup [+9]. Bagel [24] with cream...

Can Tea Leaves Predict The Election? Vote For Hillary ClinTEAn, Donald TEArump & Even Blueberny Sanders During 45-Day DemocraTEA 2016 Campaign Beginning August 23

Select Your Preferred Candidate Or The One You Think Will Be In The Most Hot Water This November! For well over a year, even the brightest pundits and pollsters in the country have been utterly confounded by the surprising twists and turns of what is arguably the wackiest Presidential campaign in American history. Maybe it’s time, then, to predict the outcome of the race in an equally bizarre – albeit time-honored – way: reading tea leaves!Introducing DemocraTEA 2016 (www.democratea2016.com), the brand new bi-parteasan campaign courtesy of The TeaBook (www.theteabook.com), makers of fine teas and the world’s first high-end book for storing, serving and sharing tea.DemocraTEA 2016 invites supporters of liberTEA to cast their vote (as many times as they want!) for one of two newly packaged...