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Viva Naturals: Organic Jojoba Oil

“Viva Naturals: The Surprising Benefits of Viva Jojoba Oil for Beautiful Skin & Hair.”Did you know…? Jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted from the nut of an indigenous American shrub that goes by the scientific name Simmondsia chinensis, a misnomer as the plant has nothing to do with China. The shrubby tree still grows wild in the United States, mainly in the arid regions of the Southwestern states. Why should people use Viva Jojoba Oil? Soaps and most other skin cleaning agents strip the skin of the sebum that skin glands produce to lubricate the skin and protect it from drying out. Every time we wash our face and hands, even with plain water, we’re removing a protective layer of sebum along with dust and grime. The...