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The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments

The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments

Chronic Pain & Natural Treatments PUBLISHED ON THE HUFFINGTON POSTThe Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free by Cindy Perlin is an empowering and informative book that will motivate readers to take charge of their health. The book provides chronic pain patients, their caregivers, and their health care providers with insights, education, and guidance to help them select the safest and most effective treatments for chronic pain. Most individuals do not realize how little physicians know about chronic pain. It’s up to pain patients to learn as much as they can about effective chronic pain treatments, so they can improve their physical and mental health and quality of life.The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments reveals how the health care...


The Suitable Inheritor (Book Review)

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POST“For those who love romance, epic adventures, mystery and adrenaline spiked tales; this is one book you won't be able to put down! A book filled with love, self-discovery and lessons we can learn from in life.” The Suitable Inheritor, author Pushpendra Mehta takes you on an extraordinary journey that begins one morning in the midst of his bedroom as Michael Elliott the main character is aroused from deep sleep by an early-morning dream when a striking young woman leads him to the Pacific Ocean and whispers that the ocean will help him discover his true destiny.  Shortly after this astonishing, breath-taking dream, Michael is invited to Peru, where he wonders if this is the path to that destiny. “The Suitable Inheritor” is...

Quick Tips for Epilepsy, Menstruation, and Ovulation

Living with Epilepsy: Quick Tips for Epilepsy, Menstruation, and Ovulation

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTI had my first seizure—a grand mal—when I was five years old. When my parents found me, my lips were blue, my eyes were rolled back, and my entire body was shaking. I was diagnosed with encephalitis. The virus had traveled to my brain, causing me to go into a four-day coma. The doctors thought that when I came out of the coma I would probably have some degree of brain damage.My parents sat by my bedside and prayed. On the fourth day, my father looked up to find my eyes wide open. The first thing out of my mouth was “Can I have McDonald's fries?” I sustained no brain damage, but the encephalitis left scar tissue in my brain, resulting...

Entrepreneur Carlos Garay Revolutionizes the Wax Vaporizing Marketplace & Puts Vaping on the Forefront with His SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Wax Concentrate Vape Pen

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTStacey Chillemi: Hi Carlos Garay, Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and your product?Carlos Garay: We started SOURCEvapes back in 2013 with a goal of becoming the industry leaders in wax vaporizers, in both quality and value. And today I’m proud to say we’re leading the charge.Stacey Chillemi: What inspired you to create this product, “SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Wax Concentrate Vape Pen”?Carlos Garay: SOURCE orb 4 improved upon our SOURCE orb 3 with new technology, including 5 new coil-less atomizers, a new Stainless Steel 303 build, and a new Magnetic Lock for quicker loading.Stacey Chillemi: What prompted you to make this product?Carlos Garay: Since our inception, we’ve taken our customers’ feedback very seriously, and we’re constantly...


Top 5 Funny Hoverboard Moments of 2016

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTHoverboards are one of the most popular products to come out in the last couple of years. Not only are they growing in practical use but they are becoming some of the funniest videos to post online ever. People are always finding more ways to have fun on these boards, but it is the blunders, bloopers, and tricks that people do that really make these items stand out in the online world.  This article will discuss the top 5 funniest hoverboard videos to ever grace the internet and where you can watch them. Hoverboard funny videos show no signs of slowing down and it is best to jump on the bandwagon now before it is too late.Top 5 Funniest Hoverboard VideosOne...

dig business

Michael Del Gigante – How B2B Companies Can Succeed with Digital Marketing

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTMichael Del Gigante – How B2B Companies Can Succeed with Digital MarketingDigital has fundamentally transformed marketing; it’s become essential to every aspect of customer engagement, from building awareness to influencing decision-making. This revolution is most clearly seen in the B2C realm, but it’s been equally important (and equally disruptive), for B2B companies.Although B2B firms are now just as reliant on digital tools and channels as their B2C counterparts, they often don’t feel as confident in their efforts. A survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that B2B marketers consider themselves less effective with online content marketing and less digitally sophisticated/mature compared with B2C marketers.Why is this so? I spoke with Michael Del Gigante, CEO of MDG Advertising, to find out...

The Time of Your Life

The Time of Your Life: Choosing A Vibrant Joyful Future (Book Review)

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTWebsite: Post Hypnotic Press Inc.Also available as an Hardcover, Paperback, Eaudible book, Audio CD or Audio; ASIN: B010EWGLRE, Audible: 7 hours and 10 minutesThe Time of Your Life: Choosing A Vibrant Joyful Future is an empowering, informative and motivational read. Margaret Trudeau’s audible book, " The Time of Your Life: Choosing A Vibrant Joyful Future," provides readers with the insights to understand how to have a healthy, happy, secure, and productive life as we enter the next stage of our biological time clock. Trudeau’s audible book provides readers with the insights to cope and be happy after as we age and journey down the third act of life. Most individuals do not realize that as life changes we need to change...