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Dating Tips for Couples on Opposite Sides of the 2016 US Election

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton are about as different as it’s possible to be, and you and your partner could potentially fall on opposite sides of the political debate. Everyone wants to meet someone who feels the same way about politics as they do. In fact, according to a poll by Wishbone, 47% of the 10,000 people surveyed say they wouldn’t want to date someone who has different political beliefs. It looks like many people just want to avoid all the stress and trouble that comes with having different views. This shows us why many people choose to date within their own community, whether it be a religious, cultural, or political community.Things have gone so far that there are even dating...

Can Tea Leaves Predict The Election? Vote For Hillary ClinTEAn, Donald TEArump & Even Blueberny Sanders During 45-Day DemocraTEA 2016 Campaign Beginning August 23

Select Your Preferred Candidate Or The One You Think Will Be In The Most Hot Water This November! For well over a year, even the brightest pundits and pollsters in the country have been utterly confounded by the surprising twists and turns of what is arguably the wackiest Presidential campaign in American history. Maybe it’s time, then, to predict the outcome of the race in an equally bizarre – albeit time-honored – way: reading tea leaves!Introducing DemocraTEA 2016 (www.democratea2016.com), the brand new bi-parteasan campaign courtesy of The TeaBook (www.theteabook.com), makers of fine teas and the world’s first high-end book for storing, serving and sharing tea.DemocraTEA 2016 invites supporters of liberTEA to cast their vote (as many times as they want!) for one of two newly packaged...

Top 3 Herbs for Your Mind and Body

Herbals are known since ancient times for their ability to heal people’s minds and bodies. Today, it is scientifically proven that certain herbs can prevent Alzheimer's, cancer and heart diseases, ease headaches, or some other pains.  If you want to refill your home fund of natural remedies, this blog is for you. Our best Neurologist in New York offers you three most useful and well-known herbs to support and help your body and mind work properly.Herb #1 Cinnamon[caption id="attachment_26536" align="alignnone" width="600"] sticks and powder[/caption]Cinnamon helps to control the level of sugar in your blood. In fact, it is a dream herb for those people who Chamomile who suffer from diabetes. A few drops of cinnamon extract every day will reduce a blood sugar by 10...