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Does Breast Size Really Matter?

My friend Susan and I are about as different as two BFFs can be. She is a plain Jane who is comfortable in her body, doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and only purchased a few sleek, sexy blouses once—because I dragged her to the store for her birthday and told her it was on me—while I married, had three kids and made it must to voyage overseas at least twice a year, she’s never been married, wears traditional plain outfits, while I live for the bling. Oh, and Susan could burst out of a DD bra while I barely fill out a B-cup.Meanwhile, Susan and I have a mutual friend, Jennifer, who swears that she couldn’t tell what breast size I am for the...


Breast Self Exam And Mammogram Is Crucial For Women With Implants

Breast Self Exam & Implants Medical researchers have been testing and implementing newer techniques for imaging the breast to screen for breast cancer. Researchers believe that in the near future, breast-imaging techniques will be able to distinguish malignant tissue from benign, so there will be no need to remove tissue to reach a diagnosis. Cancers could be detected earlier, and only the cancerous tissue would be eliminated. Even with improved breast imaging techniques, women themselves during a Breast Self Exam discover most breast abnormalities. Every woman should be familiar with the way her breasts feel, so if there is a change, she will be aware of it. The FDA estimates that up to two million women have breast implants in the United States and up to 10 million...

Powerful Ideas For A Successful Breast Cancer Healing Journal

Keeping a JOURNAL during the process of healing is very important. I know many of you get scared of a blank page starring back at you or some of you might be thinking, “are you off your rocker?, I don’t want to remember this.” I imagine that you are having feelings and through ts that are at times overwhelming. I also imagine that your head is spinning in many directions at once. As a person in treatment you have entered a territory that you have never explored and you have already experienced a lot of trauma as a result. A JOURNAL becomes your friend, confident, and safe place.A JOURNAL invites you to tell “it” all about whatever is going on inside of you. You...


Each Moment We’re Alive: A Musical and Photographic Story

Inspired by Cancer Survivors Author: Debra Lynn Alt Photographs by Monica Schwartz Baer Website: www.debrasong.com/each-moment-were-alive Also available as a Hardcover with CD included; ASIN: B01A1N891C, $18.00 78 pages I found this book to be very heartwarming, inspirational and motivational. Packed with touching quotes, simply beautiful photographs, and a CD with songs filled with faith, courage, wisdom, strength and hope derived from Debra’s and Monica’s rocky journey in life as they battled harrowing events in their lives.  Debra and Monica were able to take the traumatic obstacles that crossed their life path and use them as a motivator to grow and create positive change in their life.Each Moment We’re Alive: A Musical and Photographic Story is filled with fabulous insight and inspiration on how to cope, overcome and turn your life around...

How To Get Your Healing Garden Off Drugs With Natural Pesticides

Many common pesticides (such as ant, roach and mice poisons) have been linked to breast cancer. It probably shouldn’t surprise us that these compounds can be dangerous; they are designed to kill insects with which we share many common biological systems!Several pesticides are known endocrine disruptors (they disrupt natural hormone-signaling pathways), and through these mechanisms have been implicated in increased risk for breast cancer. In addition to effects by themselves, these chemicals have been shown to have additive effects with other kinds of endocrine disruptors. In other words, exposures to small doses of pesticides may have greater effects when people are also exposed to other chemicals to which we are all commonly exposed.Unfortunately, when pesticides are applied in the home, they don’t just kill bugs and...