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A Shocking Study Shows Heartburn Medication Linked to Kidney Complications

By Natural NewsDespite the name, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart, besides symptoms that, when severe, tend to resemble those of a heart attack. The typical burning sensation in the chest and esophagus are caused by irritation from stomach acid that's being slightly regurgitated. There is a direct correlation between highly acidic foods and the stomach's inability to sufficiently process the acid. Since most Americans would rather die a slow, miserable death than change what they eat regularly, Big Pharma has come up with some popular "solutions" – ones that quell the burning sensation of acid reflux while preventing the kidneys from filtering toxins properly. While life-threatening waste materials accumulate in their bodies, they continue consuming their favorite fried foods, processed baked goods,...

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13 Herbs to Lower Blood Pressure

There are many ways to treat high blood pressure, including lifestyle changes and/or medications. If you are interested in turning to traditional treatments for lowering your blood pressure, you have many options.If you are thinking of trying herbs for medical reasons, whether that means using the whole herb or a supplement, speak to your doctor first. Some herbs, especially in large quantities, may produce undesirable side effects or interfere with other medications. Basil Basil is a delicious herb that goes well in a variety of foods. It also might help lower your blood pressure. Extract of basil has been shown to lower blood pressure, although only briefly. Adding fresh basil to your diet is easy and it certainly can’t hurt. Keep a small pot of the herb...


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Sugar Addiction

8 Simple Ways To Beat Your Sugar Addiction

By ROB THOMPSON, MDIn the world of fantasy wish lists, wouldn't it be great if—instead of prompting us to snack all the time—our bodies would just use up fat we have already stored?One major reason this doesn't happen has to do with our diets. When you consume starch and refined sugar, these foods enter the bloodstream quickly, causing a sugar spike. Your body then produces the hormone insulin to drive that sugar from your bloodstream into cells. But over time, excessive levels of insulin can make your muscle cells lose sensitivity to the hormone, leading to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Your fat cells are another story: They always remain sensitive. Insulin spikes lock fat into them, so you can't use it for energy.How do...

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Proper Nutrition Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Poor nutrition offers a favorable environment for cancer to grow and develop. Consume whole foods - fruits, vegetables, soy, beans, etc. Ensure organic produce to avoid intake of pesticides and dangerous food additives. Cut back on refined and processed foods. Hydrate adequately and indulge in regular physical activity.Nutrition plays a very important role not only in the prevention of cancer but also in its treatment. Scientific evidence shows that nutrition and physical activity are the two most important aspects that can be modified to alter the course of cancer, prevent its occurrence, and stop its progression.Remember, you are what you eat. Poor nutrition provides a favorable environment for cancer to grow and develop. By changing the environment—changing the diet—cancer can and will weaken and shrivel. Proper...

I Tried Oil Pulling For A Month, And This Is What Happened

Can you swish your way to healthier gums and a calmer mind? One writer gave it a go. by ALLISON YOUNGThe practice of oil pulling is said to whiten teeth, treat gum disease, clear up acne, fight migraines, cure jaw pain, purge toxins, and improve overall health and well-being, but that’s not why I tried it. In fact, I didn’t know any of these “promises” when I started swishing oil around in my mouth. I did it because my yoga teacher, Lorilee Gillmore, recommended it. Not only is she a kick-ass yoga instructor and owner of Phoenix-based Moksha Ayurveda, (a center for the ancient science and medical arm of yoga dating back more than 3,000 years), she's also the picture of health and happiness. “Ama, which...



Raw Alkaline * Pesticide Free *Cold-PressedDid you know…? You may have already made the switch to coconut oil in the kitchen, but did you know you can also swap out some of your beauty products for the wonder oil? This do-it-all ingredient can be used to moisturize skin and remove makeup, but that's just the beginning.  What are the health benefits of Coconut Oil? The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, and weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. It also provides relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and cancer, while helping to improve dental quality and bone strength. These benefits of oil can be attributed to the presence of...