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How Exercise and Weight Training can Help Slow the Aging Process

How Exercise and Weight Training can Help Slow the Aging Process

Whether we like it or not, aging is a natural part of our life cycle as human beings. However, there are a number of influences that can have an impact on how quickly we age. Many people already know that factors like food and healthy (or unhealthy) habits can have an impact on how they age, but what they don't realize is that exercise also plays a significant role.In fact, with regular weight training and other fitness efforts, individuals can not only access the best weight loss programs around, but they can also reverse the aging process, making sure they live happier, healthier, and longer lives. Combine your regular workout with the right training accessories, and who knows what you could accomplish?Benefits of Exercise Can...


15-Minutes of Gentle Yoga That Fights Pain

By MARISSA CONRAD Don't think yoga is for you? If you're feeling stiff or achy, it may be the best medicine—no headstands required. Research shows that doing a gentle yoga workout most days of the week can relieve back and arthritis pain, ramp up energy, and even temper hot flashes. And the benefits are long lasting—people reported 70% less lower-back pain three months after a study in which they attended a weekly yoga class and practiced at home, say researchers at West Virginia University School of Medicine.Bonus: It may also make you happier, according to research from Boston University School of Medicine. After 60 minutes of yoga, volunteers' levels of the feel-good brain chemical GABA increased by 27%.This short, beginner-friendly plan was developed by Susan Winter Ward, who...

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Best Breathing Strategies To Reduce Back Pain

by Erik Dalton Ph.D.[embed]https://youtu.be/AvdryWMZRFI[/embed]It is essential that manual and corrective exercise therapists develop a good basic understanding of rib cage and thoracic spine (t-spine) biomechanics and their relationship to optimal breathing. When we think of breathing, usually we think of the respiratory system, but, in fact, most believe the neuromyoskeletal system drives the mechanics and coordination of human respiration. The famed Czech researcher Dr. Karel Lewit states: “Respiration is our primary and most important movement pattern… and also the most dysfunctional.” Most clinicians are aware of how breathing affects posture, alignment, and bodily functions, but there is much confusion when it comes to treating underlying joint and myofascial disorders. This article presents an overview of breathing anatomy, assessment and treatment strategies to help clients breathe...