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Jennifer Mercier takes on IVF, exposing Low Success Rates, Lies and Dangers

Jennifer Mercier takes on IVF, exposing Low Success Rates, Lies and Dangers

Mercier Therapy offers a traditional alternative to predatory doctors and the overall fertility crisis ​Documentary opens Nationwide ​next month​ The Fertility Crisis Couples are waiting longer and longer to start families for many reasons. Too often, when the time is right financially, socially or professionally, it may not be right physically. Problems and delays in conceiving lead to pressures and stress between couples who fall prey to false hope and promises from an overly publicized IVF community. IVF is a propitiously suggestive and expensive protocol that safeguards revenue by not disclosing accurate failure rate or injured organ data.  IVF professionals feed into the panic; capitalizing on it through its money-making fear mongering protocol. They routinely formulate life in LABS rather than investigate and solve what is impairing a woman’s...

My Tried and Tested Way to Losing Weight after Pregnancy

My Tried and Tested Way to Losing Weight after Pregnancy

You had just given birth and got all that extra bulges to lose? You might be thinking that losing those extra inches is as painful as labor, but it’s easier than you think. A woman usually gains 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. After delivery, there will remain about 10-25 lbs. of that weight. Is there a way to lose that? Cheer up! Unless you are already obese before you get pregnant, chances are you can still lose that “baby fat.” For women who have just given birth, the “diet and exercise” advice just won’t suffice. You need to practice a total lifestyle overhaul. You can’t just deprive yourself of food and exercise till you drop. You are sustaining a baby, so you’ve got to treat your body...


Herbal Remedies, Supplements & Teas During Pregnancy

Improved memory (what pregnant woman couldn't use that?), sounder sleep (ditto!), better moods (double ditto!), improved immunity against colds and flu (who needs to be sick when you're already morning sick?): Herbal supplements do make the most tempting of promises — especially when pregnancy leaves you with few self-medicating options open (and your medicine cabinet closed). Would it really hurt to pop a couple of Ginkgo Biloba to give your brain cells a fighting chance of remembering to pay this month's electric bill? Or a melatonin to guarantee that you'll sleep like a baby (even when it's a baby-to-be who's keeping you awake)? Or a Sam-e or Saint-John's-wort so you could stop crying during sappy commercials? And what about an echinacea or two to fend...


Herbal Supplements: 3 Risks for Women

Natural doesn’t always mean safe, and some herbal remedies pose particular dangers for women. By Tori Rodriguez Holistic health is big business in the US, in large part because it claims to promote health benefits.  And just like prescription drugs, herbal medications can be of particular concern to women, in part because more women take herbal remedies. According to the National Health Interview Survey conducted by a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 33% of American adults used complementary health approaches in 2012. At the top of the list are natural products like herbal supplements in various forms. The appeal of plant-based medicine, in particular, is not unfounded: “While some people may dismiss herbal remedies as quackery, the use of botanicals is well rooted in...


8 Celebrity Moms Who’ve Talked Openly About Breastfeeding in Public – Herbal Guide Salutes Them!

Politician moms or celebrity moms, they are just like us. Watching Beyoncé performing pregnant in front of thousands of people, or any photo of Gwyneth, it is hard to believe that they are like us. But when it comes to feeding their babies, starlet moms might actually be more relatable than we thought. Breastfeeding in public has been a challenge the contemporary career woman faces. The world is changing, so fast that liberalization and freedom to do whatever we wish is the order of the day. Let us take a look at these famous moms who proudly brave their breasts in public for doing what’s right for their growing babies. Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani/Instagram Stefani was still breastfeeding son, Kingston, when she went on tour in 2007. She...


10 things one no one says when one is pregnant

If you're pregnant, are preparing a lot of parents before sleep and getting up every night. Everyone tells you how hard this time and one possible togetherness and sleep neither in pregnancy nor to exploit. Ok, but you know basically at any. But there are some things of which no one speaks, and which may come to a - we now break the silence. How did we get it? Again and again, we talk about mothers and over again we hear the phrase "The one has ever told me!". And yes, there are a lot of things that can bring a pregnancy and birth with itself. And maybe you feel better when you know that i­t is really very, very many women go well. First of...


Top Best Reasons Why Mothers and Children Can Benefit from Probiotics

Probiotics Protect the Immune Systems of both Mom and Baby With the many bodily changes occurring during pregnancy, the immune system has to work harder to keep one healthy.  With the immune system protecting both mother and child, that is all the more reason to boost immunity!  The microflora of the mother will be passed down to the baby- impacting the immunity of the child for life.  Taking a probiotic supplement can support the immunity of both precious lives, and can influence the development of the baby’s immune system in positive ways at this vital time. The importance of a baby’s exposure to a diverse and healthy microbiome is becoming more recognized as key to the development of strong immunity.  There is much research showing that C-section...


Truth or Myth – Does Breastfeeding Cause Saggy Breasts?

by CureJoy Editorial Your angel sucking your breasts for months on end can result in issues like sore nipples, but saggy breasts is not one of them. Pregnancy seems to be the real culprit. Post pregnancy, enlarged mammary glands shrink, leaving you with an aftermath of saggy breasts and stretch marks. The number of pregnancies and age affect the amount of sagging. Exercise, avoid smoking and wear supportive bras. The challenges of being on call for a hungry tummy makes breastfeeding an annoyance sometimes, but for most mothers, it still counts as a happy experience. Then, after months of having a baby suckle at the breast, the worry of sagging breasts seems to become a reality. But is age, weight, diet, exercise, or genetics ‒ rather than breastfeeding...


Prenatal Vitamin Supplements For You And Your Baby

In the next year, an estimated four million babies will be born in the United States. One in nine of these babies will be born pre-term, a leading cause of developmental delays and neurological disabilities in children. To help address the nutrient deficiencies that cause many of these health issues, the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) now recommends that all women capable of becoming pregnant consume 400 µg of folic acid daily and ensure adequate iron and calcium levels. Over 40% of US women of childbearing age already take a daily prenatal supplement. If you are in the small majority of women who do not already consume a prenatal vitamin every day, or if you want to know how your existing prenatal vitamin helps support your own...


7 Lifestyle Factors that Influence Your Fertility

Do you have concerns about your fertility? If so, you definitely are not alone. There are so many factors in your everyday life that can transfer over to your levels of fertility. Studies in women’s health have shown that if you make a permanent change for the better with these 7 lifestyle factors, you’ll reap the rewards in more than one way! Taking Control of Your Fertility Nutrition Watching what you put into your body will make you realize how poorly you’ve been eating. If you are putting good, organic foods in, you’ll feel much better on the inside and the outside. Your hormones will also be able to find the perfect balance! Weight Control Your weight, whether you are on the larger and smaller side of the spectrum, can...