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Iced Herbal Teas – Refreshing, Healthy and Cool…

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Healthy Recipes  / Iced Herbal Teas – Refreshing, Healthy and Cool…
Iced Herbal Teas - Refreshing, Healthy and Cool…

Iced Herbal Teas – Refreshing, Healthy and Cool…

Iced Herbal Teas - Refreshing, Healthy and Cool…

What could be nicer on a hot summer’s day than a long, cold drink to refresh your palate and keep you hydrated? But what to choose? Soda drinks you can buy from the stores are loaded with sugar and harsh chemicals, alcoholic beverages are best avoided as they’re more likely to dehydrate you than keep you cool, and sometimes, you just want something a bit more flavorsome that bottled water.

One answer is to make your own iced herbal teas and here, we’ve got the know-how on how to do it!

Making your own iced herbal tea

It really couldn’t be easier to make your own iced herbal tea. It’s quick, healthy and tasty too.

Firstly, boil a small amount of water and choose either your favorite flavor of tea bag or use some fresh herbs. Ideas for herbs include peppermint leaves, raspberry leaves, rosemary or lemon balm. You could even try chunks of fresh ginger, or lemon and orange peel. Place your choice in a sturdy glass or mug and pour the boiling water over.

The icing on the…tea…

Leave the infusion to steep. If you were making a hot cup of herbal tea, you’d perhaps only leave the bag/leaves for a moment or two before straining. Here, because you’re going to add ice, you want the infusion to be as strong as possible for maximum flavor -so double your steeping time and if you want to add in a sweetener, such as honey, agave nectar or stevia, now is the time to do it

As your brew cools down, fill a glass around three-quarters full with ice cubes or crushed ice in the manner of a slush drink. Pour the hot tea over the ice and give it a good stir with a spoon. Within a few minutes, the tea will have cooled down sufficiently to make a delicious cup of iced tea.

Experiment and enjoy

There’s a world of different tastes and flavors you can experiment with. Think about adding chunks of delicious tropical fruit to the mix, slices of lemon or lime, or even powdered spices like cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg for a fragrant and heady taste.

One point to note is that if you’re thinking about using Green Tea for this, don’t let the bags steep for such a long time. Typically, if you were using a fruit tea bag or mint, you’d want to let that steep for anything up to 20 minutes. Green tea requires only 4 or 5, as the leaves have a tendency to become very bitter.

The main thing is – have fun to experiment with healthy and delicious ways to keep cool this summer.

Jess Walter

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