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Jennifer Mercier takes on IVF, exposing Low Success Rates, Lies and Dangers

Jennifer Mercier takes on IVF, exposing Low Success Rates, Lies and Dangers

Mercier Therapy offers a traditional alternative to predatory doctors and the overall fertility crisis ​Documentary opens Nationwide ​next month​ The Fertility Crisis Couples are waiting longer and longer to start families for many reasons. Too often, when the time is right financially, socially or professionally, it may not be right physically. Problems and delays in conceiving lead to pressures and stress between couples who fall prey to false hope and promises from an overly publicized IVF community. IVF is a propitiously suggestive and expensive protocol that safeguards revenue by not disclosing accurate failure rate or injured organ data.  IVF professionals feed into the panic; capitalizing on it through its money-making fear mongering protocol. They routinely formulate life in LABS rather than investigate and solve what is impairing a woman’s...

5 Best Foods to Boost Fertility

Top 5 Foods to Boost Fertility

Infertility can be a very stressful process, but the food you eat can be very supportive to your fertility and its one aspect of the process that you can most definitely control.  The main focus when it comes to food should be on whole, real nourishing foods and not on overly restrictive eating plans and detoxes. The emphasis should be on eating vitamin and mineral-rich foods in order to ensure your body has all the nutrients necessary for fertility and pregnancy. While nutrition can’t solve every case of infertility, it can solve some and be very supportive of your wish to get pregnant. Include these beneficial fertility-friendly foods to boost fertility: Eggs Eggs are rich in protein and contain beneficial nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, and choline. While...