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Don’t Fight the Curly Hair

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Don’t Fight the Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair, especially with additional thickness, is hard to tame and seems to be incredibly complicated to maintain. Some of the fashion haircuts for men with curly hair are not accessible because curly locks are prone to be messy. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to turn your frizzy curls into a masterpiece.

Condition regularly

Although you shouldn’t wash your hair on a daily basis, the condition should be used so. You should choose your conditioner depending on both your preferences and hair type (whether it is dry or oily).

Washing and combing

Wash the curly hair in nearly cold water (colder than lukewarm). It makes the locks look shinier and moisturized, and also reduces the frizz. When your hair is still damp, use the fingers to comb. Don’t use a brush unless you blow dry.

Styling products

Don’t use too much gel or styling milk (or whatever it is). Put the product on a single palm, then rub them both, and distribute it evenly. Obviously, the amount of gel depends on your hair length. Use the product when your hair is wet. This provides you thicker curls which look richer in moisture. When the hair dries, you can scrunch it with a towel to make it more natural looking. Consider detoxifying your hair on a monthly basis to make it look naturally healthy (this advice work not only for curly hair).

Finally, don’t strive to straighten your hair. Use the perks of your curls and work from your strengths. Fixing your curls is like working on weaknesses.

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