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Pregnancy Yoga – Introduction


The pregnancy yoga not much different from the traditional yoga lessons. There are special exercises which we practice more and are some positions which we are avoided.

I would start first with what it’s not allowed, what to take care:

  • do not perform any exercises what too strenuous, uncomfortable and cause any discomfort into the body.
  • Never try any lying prone exercises
  • do not bend too back or too forward bending exercises
  • Exercise caution when practicing inverted postures, always practice the lighter variations
  • If you’ve never done yoga before, and the pregnancy yoga is the first relationship with the yoga, better if you performed the exercises with yoga instructor
  • rest the first 12 weeks of rather a lot and after the placenta stable operation, start the pregnancy yoga.
  • we usually do not Sun Salutation, or only very mild form performed

And what is allowed, and recommended:

The relaxation is very-very important and beneficial during your entire pregnancy. A stress-free state of necessity during the pregnancy!

But the pregnant relaxation pose is other like as usual Savasana! For the pregnant woman is not comfortable to lie on the back, nor is it advisable, because the baby’s weight can press on the main artery in the body, because of this anoxia may occur.

Therefore we do the relaxation in Tiger Pose always, as follows:

Lie on the side, bend your leg at the knee up above, lean on the knee, bend your arms and also pull up, lie your face on your hand.

You can do the pose more comfortable if you put a pillow or rolled-up blanket under the tuck knee.

Start the yoga with relaxation or meditation always.

I recommend the following exercises in Padmasana or some comfortable yoga sitting:

/Sit cross-legged, aligning your head, neck, and spine. Keep your shoulders straight but relaxed/

Eye Exercises

Neck Exercises

Abdominal Exercise:

Do not make legs lifting or full sit up, just some half-soft sit up! Like this:

Breathing Exercises

Abdominal breathing, complete yoga breathing (3+ do not more), changed nostril breathing without breathing retention. More breathing exercises recommended for pregnant: sitahli, brahmari.

pregnant woman with baby

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