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Massage Therapy

A Little More About Shiatsu Massage

A Little More About Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is Japanese bodywork that is based on the theoretical framework of Chinese medicine. All the techniques of shiatsu massage include a lot of finger work. Massage is given through fingers, palms, thumbs and feet. There is stretching, mobilization, and manipulation of joints involved as well. All the diagnosis about a patient is made through the pulse and palpation. The shiatsu practitioner has to gain complete knowledge about this science to ensure that the pressure is exerted at the right places, in the right amount.The practitioner has to be careful while massaging sensitive areas of the body, so they are harmed. The theory behind this amazing massage technique is that the human body is made up of energy; if the energy channels get blocked, it...

massage therapy

Massage As Medicine (The holistic way to fight chronic pain)

By Kirstin FawcettFor more than a decade, Bill Cook has gotten a weekly massage. He isn’t a professional athlete. He didn’t receive a lifetime gift certificate to a spa.Nor is the procedure a mere indulgence, he says – it’s medicinal.In 2002, Cook – a 58-year-old resident of Hudson, Wisconsin, who once worked in marketing – was diagnosed with a rare illness. He had cardiac sarcoidosis, a condition in which clusters of white blood cells coagulate together and react against a foreign substance in the body, scarring the heart in the process. The disease damaged his heart so badly it went into failure. The doctors said there was nothing they could do, and Cook’s name was put on an organ transplant waiting list.The wait stretched on...