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Top 10 Health Benefits of Making Love

by Ejaz KhanMaking love  is not only a great way to have a healthy relationship or for fun, but it’s also a great way to keep yourself and your partner healthy. Most of you’d agree that making love is a wonderful stress buster and can free you from the shackles of a busy life. While making love regularly increases your immunity, it also acts as a great form of exercise. There is absolutely no doubt that making love is an incontrovertible part of our life. Beyond pleasure, there are several health benefits of making love. Such as, an active s-x life is also the key to staying young and living longer, etc. These and more are some of the most amazing health benefits of making love. Read...

The Power of Being Vulnerable

The Power of Being Vulnerable

By Kathryn Foster, PhDTalking about your feelings can be scary.Most are afraid of being judged. Or, even worse, they're afraid that they'll be rejected once they open up to someone else.Many spend their days trying hard to make sure they're not vulnerable and exposed, but vulnerability can be powerful and can help them truly connect.Dr. Kathryn Foster is a marriage and family therapist who has seen first­hand how difficult it is for people to talk about their feelings but has also witnessed the power of vulnerability.She discusses how men and women approach feelings differently and how you can bridge the gap, accept vulnerability, and enjoy the intimacy it can bring into your life.[playlist ids="37074"]...

Can Herpes Be Cured Naturally? This is What You Need to Know

Can Herpes Be Cured Naturally? This is What You Need to Know

If you suffer from any variation of the herpes virus, you may already know the nasty bug cannot be totally eradicated from one’s body. However, herpes is a manageable viral disease. Conventional antiviral medicines used to prevent or treat HSV-1, HSV-2, and H. zoster outbreaks may help, but it may be necessary to take these prescription drugs indefinitely when drug suppression therapy is recommended by your doctor.According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), patients using acyclovir, valacyclovir, or famciclovir antiviral medicines may experience diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, visual changes, muscle/joint aches and pains, and fatigue. So, let’s review recent research about supplements and treatments used to manage herpes. Natural Herbs and Supplements to Control Herpes L-Lysine Supplements According to Mayo Clinic, L-lysine amino acid supplements may prevent HSV...



Of all the holidays to celebrate throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is the one that can make or break a relationship. After all, even if lovers joke about the commerciality of the day, how superficial it all is, and how one day doesn’t represent love for each other, ignoring the holiday will leave the one who didn’t acknowledge it sleeping on the sofa!  Unless the love interest is truly uninterested in all things Valentines, a person could end up finding themselves singing the blues if they don’t step up.But there is some truth to the complaints of superficiality:restaurants are packed and expensive roses are hard to get and expensive even the price of a box of chocolates will suddenly skyrocket when it’s...


Gender Differences Make Romance Challenging

By Kathryn Foster Romantic relationships, for all their benefits, can be frustrating. To make sense of the challenges, imagine how old our brains are.  Picture how men and women’s brains adapted to opposite roles.  Men were hunters and women were nurturers for 99.9% of human development. To apply this powerful idea to your personal romance is the beginning of wisdom. This is how our brain structures began, and this is why good, old-fashioned elbow grease is the ONLY thing that will keep you together. At least three areas are affected.  First, men and women formed a different relationship to emotion.  Men toughened themselves emotionally to kill and do battle; they suspended empathy. (In the 179 remaining hunter-gatherer societies, it’s overwhelming the man’s job to hunt & make war.) Meanwhile, women...


The 2 Major Reasons Your Wife Will Not Have Sex With You!

 Over the last 40 years I have asked over 2000 women clients this question: Why don’t you want to have sex with your husband? They have shared many reasons (see below) but those reasons ALL fall into two simple and distinct categories.  I have decided to share the reasons in hopes my men (and women) readers will pay attention, make a few changes, and then get happy.A little background information could also be helpful. Point 1: Feminine is always attracted to masculine. Every intimate, loving relationship (straight and gay) has a masculine and a feminine.  It seems that this is a Law of Relationships and cannot be avoided.  In heterosexual couples generally, the man displays the masculine energy and the woman the feminine.  Gay couples always have one...


Dating Tips for Couples on Opposite Sides of the 2016 US Election

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POSTDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton are about as different as it’s possible to be, and you and your partner could potentially fall on opposite sides of the political debate. Everyone wants to meet someone who feels the same way about politics as they do. In fact, according to a poll by Wishbone, 47% of the 10,000 people surveyed say they wouldn’t want to date someone who has different political beliefs. It looks like many people just want to avoid all the stress and trouble that comes with having different views. This shows us why many people choose to date within their own community, whether it be a religious, cultural, or political community.Things have gone so far that there are even dating...


Part 8 The Naked Truth About Men And Romance Kathryn Foster, Ph D

[embed]https://youtu.be/pLXg4i4YQxo[/embed]Kathryn Foster created this 11 part video series about her book "The Naked Truth About Men and Romance", which she will post a part each week for the next 4 weeks. Read more on Amazon: https://goo.gl/RahJvt...