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Face Care


10 Secret Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin – Infographic

Coconut oil has been highly raved about for several years already- and it’s all for good reasons. The oil has been a great help to a handful of health issues. From diabetes, heart problems and even abnormal cholesterol levels, coconut oil has components to address every issue. It can even be used in getting clearer and healthier skin. Here’s how: Coconut oil can prevent premature skin aging by acting as a physical barrier against environmental pollutants. This action stops the oxidative damage that can make you look older than your actual age. Coconut oil has antifungal properties to ward off infections, too. It can even control bacterial growth, especially for cases of acne. The oil also makes a great alternative to your usual exfoliant. It can gently...

Can Food Slow Down The Aging Process?

Can Food Slow Down The Aging Process?

Aging is inevitable, although how well you age can be affected by your lifestyle. Certain choices, including your diet, can influence how aging takes its toll on your mind and body. In this article, learn how food-sourced essential oils can help aging skin and discover some other tips for healthy aging that relate to the foods you eat every day. Can eating less slow down the aging process? While what you eat is important, how much you consume can also influence the rate at which you age. Aging occurs at the cellular level, and new research published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics has found that reduced calorie consumption slows down the ribosomes within your cells, which slows the aging process. The study compared two groups of mice, with the...

Why You Should Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

Why You Should Protect Your Skin Against Pollution

  The starting point for having a healthy and glowing skin is your nutrition and proper skincare routine. You need to increase the intake of vitamins as much as possible in order for your body to work on all of its aspects, while the proper products for your skin protect you from the outside damage. Since the ozone layer is diminished, we are more exposed to UV rays and its negative effects on our skin. Furthermore, the air is filled with various kinds of pollutants including car exhaust, smog, dirt, dust, cigarette smoke, and many others. All these harmful substances increase the levels of free radicals which are unstable molecules that attack our cells and damage our DNA. The results these free radicals leave are faster...

Top 7 Home Remedies for Blackheads You Have To Try

Top 7 Home Remedies for Blackheads You Have To Try

Almost everyone considers that skin care should be at the top of physical- care list, both men, and women. But blackhead is one of the blockages to a gorgeous face. So how much do you know about this annoyance and how can you deal with it? There are many cosmetics and sticky pads used to remove and prevent it; however, using natural kits may be a better, cheaper and safer way. First of all, what are blackheads? : They are open acnes containing the oily waste and dead cells that you can see black spots. The group of blackheads usually stands in your face, back or breast site. It is common with the age of puberty and young adults. Moreover, being infectious with a bacterium from...


Ways To Get Rid of Blemishes Naturally

By Lyndsie Beresford n this article, Authority Remedies is on target for collecting some useful information about blemishes and lending you a hand on how to get rid of blemishes both naturally and effectively. There remains a fact that your skin is one of your best friends and if you like your skin, then it “likes” you. Undeniably, skin provides you with effective protection against some of the harmful elements that are willing to invade into your whole body and thereby holding you together. However, if you are one of many women who wish for a glowing skin, but still witness spots or acne, even skin discoloration, this can be a far-reaching dream. What are Blemishes? Blemishes can be a nightmare to most people, particularly when they are getting old...


Ways To Make A Facial Oil That Will Make Your Skin Soft & Silky

by Sierra Bright The beauty industry probably doesn’t want you to know, but I would like to let you in on a little secret: there’s no reason to spend your hard earned money on expensive moisturizers. If you work hard to have and maintain good skin, i.e., you never lie down in a tanning bed or let yourself sizzle for hours in the sun, you eat right, stay hydrated, wash your face every night and moisturize regularly, you’ve probably also bought into some of the advertising gimmicks out there. That means you’ve likely spent some serious cash too, only to find out your money wasn’t exactly well spent as that highly touted product turned out to be filled with empty promises. If you’ve been using store-bought facial moisturizers...


Layering Skin Care Products – 8 Steps To Follow

Let’s face it; you probably spent a large sum of money on the best skincare products for your skin. So the last thing you want to do is use them incorrectly. If you don’t know how to apply them in the proper order, you won’t be able to get the most out of each product. Often people keep changing products because they don't work for them. But, this can also be because of the product not being applied correctly. This is where the art of layering skin care products is needed. So take a look at these 8 steps to get your money’s worth and to layer products like a pro. Step 1: Cleanse (Cleansing the face) Before applying anything, your face must be clean and fresh. The primary...


10 Home Remedies to Rid & Prevent Dry Skin On Face

Home Remedies For Dry Skin 1. Oil Therapy Rub some olive, coconut or almond oil mildly onto your hands, legs and rest of the body prior to bathing. A warm oil massage works even better. This will enable your skin to retain moisture after a bath and make your skin soft and smooth. 2. Coconut Oil Coconut oil works as a natural moisturizer and helps in treating dry, scaly skin – making it soft and smooth. This oil is an easily available dry skin home remedy. It contains ample amounts of fatty acid that can compensate for any loss of moisture from the skin. It works its full magic when left on the skin overnight. 3. Castor Oil Castor oil is bestowed with natural therapeutic powers of ricinoleic acid and vitamin E...


10 Celebrity Tips to Look Stunning at Night!!!

No matter what time of the day or night it is celebrities are always looking great. They can go to movie premiers, red carpet events, and even parties at night and still have great skin. There are ten easy celebrity tips to follow to look great at night. Relax and Prepare the skin To prepare for a night of fun, the skin needs some prepping. No one will look good if they are stressed out. To help relax and prepare for the night take a warm shower. This will allow the body to relax and a chance for the skin to be refreshed as well. Apply Lotion to the Body Moisturized skin will be soft to the touch and glow. If the skin and is in need of moisture...