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Essential Oils

Disease Prevention with Coconut Oil

Disease Prevention with Coconut Oil

From the Western part of the world where coconut oil is harvested from tropical coconut palm trees to the east where more and more people are enjoying the benefits this product offers, the popularity of coconut oil seems unstoppable. And now that it has claimed its spot in the limelight, it is being tagged as a miracle ingredient, making wonders in the kitchen and providing solutions to the most common health problems.Let’s review some of the most common health problems that coconut oil can provide a solution to. 1. Oral Problems Have you heard of coconut oil pulling? If not, then here’s what you should know. Coconut oil has been widely used in the ancient Ayurvedic method of oil pulling, wherein the oil is swished around the...

10 Ways to Improve Your Life with an Essential Oil Diffuser

By Marcy Coning from Web Essential OilsNatural living manifests itself in many forms, including eating and drinking more natural foods, applying more natural products for body care and health, and using more natural products for household care and cleaning. One of the best ways to go about keeping the home healthy and cared for is by using an essential oil diffuser. Not only can these little gems help your family to fight off disease, boost energy, and increase productivity, they also smell great and provide an inviting environment for your family to come home to. Here we list our top 10 favorite reasons that your life can absolutely be improved by owning and using an essential oil diffuser: Better Sleep and Relaxation In this world of stress and...


Make Your Own Essential Oil Mixture to Help Bruises Heal Faster and Reduce Inflammation

Essential Oils Guide for Bruises & Inflammation Several essential oils can contribute to faster healing and reduced inflammation to make that bruise disappear faster. You can mix essential oils you have on hand that work well to fight bruises. This video offers one solution for a bruising blend of essential oils.  [embed]https://youtu.be/nUYKFeaKPKs[/embed] You will need Your choice of essential oils that work well against inflammation and bleeding. This includes:Lavender oil Tea tree oil Chamomile oil Fennel oil Parsley oil Rosemary oil Geranium oilDirections Combine whichever essential oils you would like to use and massage very lightly into the bruise. You can do this several times a day and see a noticeable difference the next day.By MandyMandy Wang is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in China. She always loves to...

3 Best Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones

3 Best Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones

By Dr. Axe Essential oils continue to amaze me, as they can be used to treat so many health illnesses and improve so many aspects of your health. For the sake of using essential oils for hormones and achieving balance, there are three main essential oils we’re going to cover:clary sage essential oils thyme essential oils sandalwood essential oils1. Clary Sage Oil A 2014 study published in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research found that inhalation of clary sage oil had the ability to reduce cortisol levels by 36% and improved thyroid hormone levels (TSH). The study was done on 22 post-menopausal women in their 50’s, some of which were diagnosed with depression and at the end of The study was done on 22 post-menopausal women in their 50’s,...