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Burns And Irritations

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Burns And Irritations

Top 20 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

Quick Navigation1. Use an ice pack 2. Apply heat 3. Get more vitamin K 4. Take a pineapple enzyme supplement 5. Take a vitamin C supplement 6. Try Arnica Gel 7. Create a Watercress Paste 8. Use Fresh Blueberries 9. Apply witch hazel ointment 10. Try a topical cream 11. Apply St. John's wort oil 12. Chocolate 13. Apply sugar syrup 14. Make a paste from turmeric and tamarind paste 15. Rub castor oil on the bruise 16. Make a tea bag compress 17. Eat bilberry extract 18. Apply a bit of butter 19. Use raw onion 20. Make an essential oil mixture ConclusionIf you're like me, you hate having to hide your legs when the weather warms up because you have embarrassing bruises. Sometimes you know how you got the bruise -- such as bumping into the table in the middle of the night -- but...