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Body Odor

Easy steps to combat foot odor

Easy steps to combat foot odor

There is nothing more embarrassing than taking off your shoes and fighting the desire to stop breathing. Check these tips for getting rid of foot odor once and for all: Use home remedies According to Chelsea barbers NYC, our kitchen is full of multitasking home remedies you can use to combat foot odor. Since bacteria love the sweaty environment, you can destroy them by making them starve. Soak your feet in salt water, black tea, or add some vinegar to the tub with water. These ingredients can help to decrease sweating and reduce the number of bacteria on your feet! Wear breathable socks The right socks can make a big difference, so you have to choose them carefully. Natural materials are the main prerequisite of quality socks; for this...


Natural Remedies for Minimizing Odor Due to Underarm Sweat

“Don’t sweat it” is a phrase that’s easier said than done if you’re one of the millions of Americans living with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, which tends to affect the underarms as well as the hands and feet. And along with sweating too much, hyperhydrosis can result in something that’s even tougher to hide — body odor. ...