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7 Essential Oils to Fight Acne

7 Essential Oils to Fight Acne

Millions of people suffer from acne, but with so many different available solutions, finding a remedy that works seems like an impossible task. For that reason, many opt for natural remedies like essential oils because they are easy to find and more effective. 1. Tea Tree Hailed as the top essential oil for treating acne, tea tree is widely used for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that cleanse the skin. Although it’s an oil, it’s surprisingly gentle and can prevent acne breakouts. To use, simply wet a clean cotton ball with 2 to 3 drops of tea tree essential oil. Use regularly for better results. If you want, you can also add several drops of this oil to water and place it in a spray bottle. Spritz it...


Get Rid of Blackheads with these 5 Home Remedies

By: Lifestyle Desk Blackheads form when your skin pores get clogged owing to the accumulation of dirt, dead cells, and oil. This bump is called a ‘comedone’. When the skin over the bump remains closed, it is called a whitehead. When the skin over the bump is open and susceptible to collection of excess oil and grime, it is a blackhead. It is darker and more prominent. Blackheads are also precursors to acne. It is, therefore, important to care for your skin regularly. Read on to know how you can get rid of blackheads naturally. Cinnamon Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties that can be used as an aromatic face mask to halt the growth of bacteria and fungi. It can also be used as a body scrub for a smoother,...

Acne Can Start In Your Gut

Acne Can Start In Your Gut

When your skin goes on the fritz, your first instinct may be to head to the dermatologist's office—they are, after all, the skin pros. But if the diagnosis starts—and stops—at surface level, you could be ignoring a bigger, underlying cause, says Trevor Cates, ND, a naturopathic physician in Park City, Utah. "Most dermatologists aim to suppress skin symptoms," says Cates. "But those symptoms can be signs of imbalances elsewhere." The key to calming your cranky skin—for good—is to address what the issue is really stemming from, says Cates. Here, we get to the root of 5 complexion woes that go more than skin deep. Breakouts can start in your gut. Recent research suggests that an imbalance of bacteria in your gut—too many harmful bugs, too few of the...