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Dental Care

Home Remedies: Natural and Herbal Dental Care

Sure, the drug store offers a dizzying array of toothpastes, teeth whitening agents and mouthwashes that will keep your teeth and gums beautiful and healthy. But if you prefer a more natural approach to dental care, there are many simple, time-tested home remedies that also do the trick–for less money, and without hard-to-pronounce chemical ingredients.

Of course, the most natural way to keep teeth healthy and help prevent gum disease is to eat a healthy diet. “Sugars are the enemy of the mouth, as well as the body,” says Jonathan B. Levine, DMD. “If your hygiene isn’t great and you’re eating lots of sweets, bacteria work on the sugars to create acid which demineralizes the teeth and starts the decay process.” That means more cavities and more dental visits.

It’s not just the foods you avoid, but the foods you eat, that can make the difference in your oral health. Nutritious foods provide the vitamins and nutrients you need for teeth and gum health, says Dr. Levine. For example, getting enough vitamin C–present in many fruits and vegetables–is essential for healthy gums. It protects them against cell damage, promotes healthy capillaries and makes them more resistant to bacteria.

Foods, herbs and other natural remedies can also keep teeth and gums clean, prevent cavities, freshen breath and whiten teeth. Here’s how:

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aloe shampoo

The Best Natural Toothpastes Have Aloe Vera In It!

No wonder more and more people are now using all natural toothpaste. All you have to do is take a look at all the crap and chemicals that are found in some toothpaste, and you can understand why this is occurring? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the chemicals found in standard toothpaste, really should not be going into our body. They can include nasties such as Triclosan, Fluoride, artificial sweeteners, saccharin, parabens etc.  Exposure to these chemicals can make you sick and ill. Here is a pretty cool video on what is added to standard toothpaste now-a-days. [embed]https://youtu.be/4mwkAE4jC08[/embed] Fortunately, there is a good variety of all natural toothpaste out in the marketplace today. This gives us consumers an alternative to using those chemical...


Report Flags Toxins/Carcinogens in Your Toothpaste

The latest report by The Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog, uncovers serious problems in cosmetics industry regulations. Regulatory weaknesses and loopholes allow for the use of questionable, even harmful ingredients in personal care products, such as toothpastes, that could negatively impact the health of the users. Behind the Dazzling Smile:  Toxic Ingredients in Your Toothpaste, describes how the quality of “natural” toothpastes varies significantly between brands and how these personal oral care products commonly include nonessential ingredients that may be harmful. “The cosmetics industry is no different, and may be worse, than leading food companies when it comes to gimmicky ingredients and misleading health claims,” asserts the report’s lead author Jerome Rigot, PhD, a policy analyst at The Cornucopia Institute. “However, we have created a useful...

I Tried Oil Pulling For A Month, And This Is What Happened

Can you swish your way to healthier gums and a calmer mind? One writer gave it a go. by ALLISON YOUNG The practice of oil pulling is said to whiten teeth, treat gum disease, clear up acne, fight migraines, cure jaw pain, purge toxins, and improve overall health and well-being, but that’s not why I tried it. In fact, I didn’t know any of these “promises” when I started swishing oil around in my mouth. I did it because my yoga teacher, Lorilee Gillmore, recommended it. Not only is she a kick-ass yoga instructor and owner of Phoenix-based Moksha Ayurveda, (a center for the ancient science and medical arm of yoga dating back more than 3,000 years), she's also the picture of health and happiness. “Ama, which...

Prickly Ash Bark

A Widely Used Traditional American Remedy for Toothaches and Rheumatism

Heal Your Leg Cramps, Varicose Veins, Cold Hands and Feet, Joint Aches and Pains of Chronic Rheumatism and Arthritis Naturally ...